Our vehicles at 719 Mourning Dove Way, Jojoba Hills SKP park. Why does the Alfa look so bright and the Jeep so dim? Their left sides are parallel, 15 feet apart, both appliance white, and the Jeep has been washed!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thank You

First off, I want to say Thank You to those who left comments on my last post. It has encouraged me to think about posts that I might write in the next few weeks, before we actually get back on the road. So I looked through some of the pictures we have taken this winter for inspiration.

We have gone on a few outings while here at Jojoba. We met this fine fellow at the Flying LC Ranch. It was the home of Leo Carrillo who played Pancho, the sidekick of the Cisco Kid in the 50's. The ranch is now a Carlsbad municipal park and the grounds are quite interesting. In addition to being a working ranch, it was a well-loved retreat for many Hollywood celebrates. We were amused to here about how they would bring down their Airstream trailers to stay in while visiting. Apparently there were some really good parties!

The peacocks were just filling in their magnificent tails since the breeding season was approaching  They are wild birds who descend from a few original pairs brought to the ranch by Leo. They are not fed or protected from coyotes. The city does protect them in the surrounding neighborhoods, and they are said to be a welcome nuisance. Imagine a dozen peacocks, screaming and pooping in your back yard!

There is always something to see if you look for it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Flowers

While the Northeast has been dealing with a spring blizzard, we have been enjoying the sudden arrival of summer-like weather.

Southern California is blooming!  The hill sides along the roads are covered with dense patches of wildflowers.

On Tuesday we drove our Jeep over to Borrego Springs to see the desert bloom.  We had heard that over the weekend there had been bumper to bumper traffic around the small town. We were happy we had the luxury of visiting on a weekday. There was some traffic, but it was not bothersome. Everyone seemed to be mellowed by the beauty of the blooming fields of wildflowers.

I guess we have gotten out of practice for taking pictures. As far as I could tell, all my pictures of the field were out of focus.

There were many kinds of flowers blooming.

These were scattered in among the yellow.

Speaking of flowers, the hillsides around Jojoba Hills are lush with blooms as well.

The flowers are wild flowers, but I think they were seeded.

This is a close-up of the hill in the previous image. Wonderful!

It's hard to believe we have been here for almost five months. I have started to write posts from time to time, but they just never get finished. In general we like Jojoba Hills, and are comfortable with our decision to "buy in" here for a winter home base. My only disappointment has been in the weather. January and February were much colder than I expected. We were glad for the rain, but it spoils my almost daily attendance at the pool.

My summer plans for our trip to Alaska are coming together. We will leave here on or about April 18. We want to  spend May in Oregon and Washington. My first reservation is in the Vancouver BC area for the Memorial Day weekend. My next reservation is in Valdez, AK for the 4th of July, and then at Denali National Park in mid-August. We plan to travel "with the wind" and make reservations a few days ahead, but only if it seems necessary. Although not enthusiastic about boondocking, we are comfortable dry camping for a few days at a time. It looks like there are a limited number of full-hook-up parks in Alaska, but plenty of no-hook-up accommodations. 

I hope to start more regular blogging once we are on our way. This is a travel blog after all!  And travel we will.