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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vanity at my age?, updated profile picture

My new laptop has the photo booth application built in and I have been experimenting with taking my own picture.

 Feels a bit strange, and a bit self centered, but the picture I started this blog with was several years old (my hair was colored and had a curl) and not really me anymore.

The profile pictures are so tiny, it really doesn't matter much, but I wanted a picture that looks like me now, so if I ever meet some of you, you will have a little idea of what I look like!

I think I got a good one today.

Started walking again yesterday:

Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill, 

miles Saturday
Thinking of  Margie

Total walked = 248 miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!


  1. I know you feel about taking your own picture. Just weird, isn't it? That being said, I like the picture of you. :)

    LOL! I just looked and the verification word is .... wait for it .... "pectur."

  2. Nice picture! I will have to do the same thing in a few months since I am letting my natural hair color take back over!! :)

  3. good job with your "pectur" brave woman!

  4. I like your picture! I think it's good to post current ones once in awhile :-)

  5. Good picture! Neat way of doing it too!

  6. Hopefully, we'll be able to meet next month when we're in California. Now I'll know who to look for. I noticed you're 1/4 way toward your goal of 1,000 miles. Does that mean your 1/4 of the way to fulltiming and hiking in the national parks? :)

  7. Your picture's great! Mine is kind of old, too, but I DID have white hair then. I colored it blonde, but have let it grow out again, and this is it for me. No more coloring.

  8. You can't beat 'wash and wear' hairdo's! :)


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