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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catch up.

The last four days have been pretty busy for me, and although I have had time to read a few blogs, I have not written anything.

Our drive to San Diego was very nice.  The weather and the road were great and there was very light traffic in L.A. We easily made the trip in a one day drive, eating sandwiches as we traveled rather than stopping at restaurants along the way.

We "aced" getting out of the driveway, turning around and getting up and out of our road.  Unfortunately we had a minor mishap on 3/4 mile of the mountain road that gets us out and onto the freeway.  There is one very tight turn that has a rocky dirt wall on the passenger side. We encountered a pick-up driven by a local worker coming the other way.  We both stopped, and looked at each other.  He backed up a little, and Craig tried pulling to the right a bit.  I had my head out and told him he was too close, but I think it was too late.  The truck pulled around us, and as we went forward the bottom edge of the Alfa scraped along the toe of the wall.  Just a big scuff, but that is also where the connector for the outside grill WAS located.  It got ripped off. It will get fixed next week.

I have to admit I was pretty angry because I had told Craig he was too close, and he didn't listen to me.  When we got to the first stop, I took over driving for a while and felt a lot better.

I have been a bit "out of sorts" about a number of things.  But that is nothing new.  I feel I've been "on edge" for a long time.  It seems if I say white, Craig wants black.  And yet, each new morning all is well again.

One thing that has put me on edge here is we are having some problems with the electrical system on the Alfa.  We are parked, without using much of anything in the rig and it loses most of the battery reserve in 24 hours.  He runs the generator for several hours, brining the indicator lights back to full charge, and then the next day it is back down.  We are going to have that looked at next week.

I would write more, but the family just got back from a scout meeting and I have to go ...


  1. You might want to check the water in your batteries -- it may be as simple as low on water & remember to use distilled water. I understand the edginess -- hopefully things will settle down & it will get easier. We had to learn who each other was again once we were thrown into the MH together!

  2. I'm afraid I can't help you with getting edgy with a spouse. :) I just get edgy with myself when it's a travel day...

  3. I also still get uptight on a travel day. I"m really working on that but it's especially bad after we've been sitting in one place for a long time. And there always seem to be issues with our rigs. But definitely check the water first thing.

  4. It must be catching! I've been at the end of my rope for about two weeks now. Even to the point of having migraines daily. Guess who gets the brunt end of that?

  5. This is a pretty stressful time of the year because there is so much going on so most people are a little edgy. You might have to sit down and figure out the amps on everything you are using and don't forget all the little draws when aren't even using anything (like the clocks, carbon monoxide detector, etc.

  6. we all get 'short with our spouses' once in a while!..normal thing when it comes to being married!..hang in there..one day it will get better!!..be it black or white..you can agree to disagree and move on!!

  7. Did you ever get your electrical system checked out after that first experience with the voltage/power going out before you got your surge protector? Hopefully, it's something simple like what Alan and Marilyn suggested. We forgot to check our battery water when we first started!

  8. We are both a little edgy on travel day as well. Once we get on the road we're okay, but we do tend to get on each others nerves while getting ready to leave.

    I hope the electrical fix will be something easy (and cheap) to find.

  9. I am generally extra cranky at the end of a long traveling day. Wished I wasn't, but..... I am very fortunate though because Kelly never critisizes me for my mistakes or crankiness. She never pushes my buttons intentionally or unintentionally. That just escalates my crankiness and makes things worse. If I'm left alone I am fine but if someone gets on my case about something it just makes the situation worse. Traveling and living together in the small space of an RV requires copious amounts of patience, tolerance and understanding from both parties and therein lies the secret to a happy and harmonious traveling RV couple.

  10. Simple solution for you...change colors! We are especially fond of green and yellow, and that might work for you. If you like, I would be happy to send you a nice Oregon Ducks Rosebowl T-shirt, and you could wear it while you are in Pasadena!


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