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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bear Attacks Alfa

Not our Alfa! 

One of the features of the Alfa line, that I really like, is a compartment between the sink and stove, that holds a rather large waste basket. You can put trash into it  thru a smaller round hole, or for bulkier items, you can remove the larger Corian cover that is part of the countertop.

(I also use a small bag lined plastic pot to collect food wastes while I cook, but this is just tied off and dumped into the larger basket at the end of clean up.)

The waste basket can be accessed for emptying thru a locking door on the outside of the coach.

Given the strong, metal "critter proof" trash containers I have seen at campgrounds and parks, I have wondered about the security of that outside door.

Seems like my thoughts were not that far off.

The following was posted on the Alfa Yahoo Group.  The writer "Paul" is a new Alfa owner.

He wrote: "We're dry camping in the parking lot of the Big Sky Resort, in Big Sky, MT. This is on the west side of Yellowstone Park.

My wife and I awoke to a loud noise at 1:30 last night. I thought it sounded like our garbage door being ripped open, and sure enough there was a large black bear next to our rig, digging through our trash can which he purged from the trash compartment. It was a bit shocking to stare through our trash orifice in the counter top and see a large bear.

We were able to summon help from nearby and the bear was scared off long enough for me to exit the coach and pick up the trash. Moments later, after I was securely in the coach and the helper departed, the bear returned. He reared up on his back legs to sniff the trash compartment door again (which, amazingly, was not broken). I was relieved that he chose to walk away this time without ripping the door open again. I don't know how many forced entries the door clasp would tolerate. Of course, I had not placed the trash back in the compartment. Until I leave bear country the trash will live with us inside the coach.

Needless to say, we didn't sleep well last night...

Oh, and the scare lights didn't get their name for scaring bears. I think they just helped him see what he was eating better."

I think we will be sure to empty the trash each evening and keep the compartment very clean when we are in Bear Country!

Do you have a good bear story?


  1. Not one as good as that one! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The best bear story I have is waking up in the middle of the night in my tent, hearing a bear heaving around the 'bear proof' trash dumpster near my camp site! :O Good thing I'm scrupulous about a clean campsite and a clean tent.... Not even toothpaste in the tent.

    The next morning, needless to say, the scuttlebutt around the campground was the bear and its nighttime meanderings. No one was hurt, but I think it got into a few peoples' food. Scary!

  3. oh my gosh! That would scare the beargebers out of me...

    No bear stories from here, we haven't camped anywhere that bears are - yet! We are fairly lax about our garbage/food, and with Grace's cage outside and all her mess we will really have to be serious when we are in bear country!

  4. Love the way that trash can unit is set up...I won't let Tracy see this or she will want one just like it.:)

  5. I worked in West Yellowstone (years and years and years ago) and we always had bears rummaging through the garbage cans. We often saw them as we came back to our cabin after work. Guess I was young and stupid, because none of us humans were very afraid of the bears and there were never any bad encounters while I as there.

  6. That's a nifty storage solution though (if you aren't in bear country).

  7. looks like you "bearly" escaped tragedy...

  8. Nope, can't beat that bear story. Maybe it's good we don't have an outside trash door, but then the bear might just come inside... :cO

  9. We stayed in a cabin in Madera Canyon, AZ during a drought. Droughts always bring the bears down. We were sitting on the deck one night and my friend said, I think theres a bear watching us. At first I didn't see him but once my eyes adjusted there he was not 30ft away behind a large rock. Boy did we move fast. The next day we heard he had to be destroyed as he ripped open someones tent. Fortunately no one was hurt.

  10. No bear stories yet, nice idea they had for the trash, just not in bear country. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We have not had any incidents while camping. We have spotted bear though. But lately, in our area in NE Ohio where we live (in houses and residential areas) we have been having many sightings of black bear roaming around. We had one right outside where I work about a month ago. Glad I wasn't out there with Sugar at the time.

  12. Pretty hard to top THAT bear story! Wow! I don't think I'd be using that trash opening for anything but temporary stuff like you do, and I'd be spraying it with Lysol each time I used it.

  13. interesting bear story..I am sure the design idea is a good one..but it doesn't sound like anyone ever thought of a bear getting into the garbage that way!!
    we just have Bart stories..no live bears!

  14. That's a great bear story. we will soon be headed to bear county. Time to think about those things.

  15. I wish I had a bear story! All my bear stories are near misses. Every so often, a juvenile (usually male) black bear makes news here in Seattle by making his way into the urban part of the city. Just trying to be a really BIG raccoon!

  16. That's a great story - to read, not live through! Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a story! I'd keep the trash inside while in bear country too.

    No good bear stories from me - thank goodness. :)

  18. I wish I had a good bear story!!


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