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Monday, October 1, 2012

Went Shopping Today

The idea that women like to shop for clothes is a myth.

At least around here it is.  I am a woman.  I hate to shop for clothes.

But I looked at myself in the mirror today and decided something had to be done about my appearance.  The favorite tee shirt I had on hung like a sack, and I have noticed an increasing problem with my elastic waist pants wanting to slide down.  

I probably should have hung onto the thin clothes I tossed last year, but I never expected to be this weight again.  I know this is not a bad problem, but for me shopping for better looking clothes is a nightmare!

I spent seven hours shopping today!  Well, the first hour or so was not exactly for clothes. 

 I went to REI to look at a topographical map of the Death Valley area.  Our trip there is not until Christmas, but I can't help starting to explore from my recliner in the evenings.  You can go into the park from either the East or the West on Hwy 190.  The West entrance would be the closest for us, but I have been reading RV forums and consulting the "Mountain Directory West" and have learned there are several curvy mountain areas with up to a 9% grade if you go in from the West.

Every one suggests the East entrance.  When I checked out the topographical map I can see why.

While there I browsed the sale racks, and found something I have been looking for.  A simple windbreaker jacket. This Sierra Designs was on sale for $11.98.  Originally $44. The nice thing is that it comes with a little bag that the jacket can be squished into and you can then hook it onto your back or waist pack.  Great for hiking.  It also has a hood so if we get caught in the rain or strong wind my head will be protected too.

Feeling good about that purchase, I decided to go across to the mall and look at some other new clothes for myself.

 The biggest problem is I don't really know what I'm looking for.  I did manage to find two tops that I liked, but that was all. Everything is either to dressy or to young. I don't want to look like an old lady who is wearing teeny bopper clothes.

But, I feel like I have a new body and want to put prettier clothes on it!

Speaking of which, I reached my goal of -45 pounds while in Yosemite. My BMI is now 25 which is "normal".  No longer "overweight"!  I had new blood work done when we got back, and although my 3 month average blood sugar is a little high, my fasting glucose was under 100 for the first time in my adult life!

I feel great!  I wish I had a fairy godmother who could wave a wand and bring me new clothes.

If nothing else, I can always put in new elastic or get some suspenders.  


  1. I find clothes shopping fun when I'm thin...and horrible when I'm not. I'm sure you can find some nice things with that skinny new body. Good for you on the blood sugar and weight loss!!!

  2. I suggest sticking with REI type clothes...that seems to be your new lifestyle now. Also..Chico's and Coldwater Creek...a little more expensive but you are worth it!! In the regular stores everything is so cheaply made now a days...throw away stuff. Even L.L. Bean...through their cataglog...free shipping!

  3. I understand your problem, especially about most of the clothes looking as though they are for the very young. None of us want to look lke mutton dressed as lamb...Yukk.

    But I am learning to try new styles. I use a mail order catalogue and it's so easy to return things that look awful. I never thought I could do this as I like to see things in real time but this new way of shopping is working for me.

    I have even bought some stretchy fit clothes, not too clingy though and am amazed by how good I feel in this new slimmer look even though I am still pretty much overweight with a good 55 pounds still to shed.

    I'm madly trying to get plenty of wear out of the next lot of clothes I will be discarding. It's sad to see clothes you love going out the door forever.

    Hope you have fun looking some more.


  4. Wow that's terrific on your weight loss. I hate clothes shopping too. I always think I should look how I picture myself in my mind. Somehow it doesn't quite measure up. :-)

  5. Clothes shopping - UGH!!! What a chore.

  6. Congrats on reaching your goal. But I do understand the shopping. I hate shopping too.
    Maybe some of the suggestions above might work for you.

  7. Let me join the majority here who say they hate shopping. My question is this: "How come when I am not looking and not carrying any money, I find the clothes I really like? But when I have to have something new, I picture something in my mind and can not find it anywhere!"

  8. Let me join the majority here who say they hate shopping. My question is this: "How come when I am not looking and not carrying any money, I find the clothes I really like? But when I have to have something new, I picture something in my mind and can not find it anywhere!"

  9. I, too, detest shopping. Maybe I just don't know what looks good on my. I try on outfit after outfit and think they look ridiculous or they just plain don't fit, even if I go up or down a size. Maybe what I really need is a tailor!

  10. I have noticed your blog picture with you looking pretty svelte! Congrats on the wonderful weight loss. I can entirely empathize with the falling down pants and the way t-shirts hand off the shoulders having lost a quantity of weight myself. Here's a suggestion: Chicos has a LOT of polyester and though it looks great, it is too HOT. Try JJill, Lands End and LLBean for the basics. Also, do not be concerned about going to the consignment shops. Some really nice stuff there.


  11. Congratulations on your weight loss. Fantastic. You are an inspiration. I have a goal to lose 20 pounds and put myself into the normal BMI range as well. I'm hoping working at Amazon will be a jump start. I also hate shopping of any kind, especially clothes. I tend to find what I need at Kohls. Good luck finding more clothes for your new body!

  12. No elastic or suspenders!!!!!! You have worked hard to get to your new svelte self - rock it :-)

    I find it depressing to shop, especially by myself. Is there someone (other than Craig) who you could go with? I had a great time with my sister this summer - we tried on crazy clothes and laughed like crazy. But I did also get a few things. It helped to have someone who would tell me straight if it looked good. I'd go with you if I were a bit closer ;-)

    When you see someone with a nice outfit, compliment them and ask where they got it. Then at least you'll know where to look.

    Good luck - I hope you share some photos :-) - you know, to encourage us slow losers!

  13. Congratulations on your wt lose.
    That is fantastic. When I lost 50 lbs my blood glucose went back to normal.
    Sure makes you feel better too.

  14. Terrific buy on that jacket - looks great. It must feel really good to have normal blood sugars again. Congratulations.


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