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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Couple of Needlepoint Projects to Share

As I mentioned in an earlier post, doing plastic canvas needlepoint has been a real source of relaxation for me. I feel very calm as I stitch, stitch, stitch. I understand why people enjoy knitting. The flow of color and fiber is soothing to the mind and hands. I have a hard time reading lately, because my mind wanders off and I start ruminating over what needs to be done. For some reason, I don't have that problem when I am stitching.

I have been very prolific, and want to share what I have done.

The key decorator item in the Alfa is the Pendleton blanket we bought to cover the dull couch. 

To keep the arms clean, I have made arm rest covers to go with it.  On the left side, there is just a small space between the couch arm and the wall.  We slide a small folding table in there, so the arm rest  just fits snuggly around the arm.  

On the other side, next to the table, I added a handy pocket.  It is lined and has inner slots for a few pens or pencils.  I was thinking of it as a place to stow a note pad, but as Craig pointed out, it is just right for the Kindle or iPad. 

Or I could add on another pocket below this one at a later time.

I like the way they look and feel.  Functional but decorative.

Earlier in the month I made this Humming Bird Tissue Box Cover.

I sent it to one of the other bloggers, Judy, because she does such wonderful work in wildlife refuges and has been an inspiration to me.  

I'm working on something else now, and will share it with you when it is done.

No ... I am not making a cover for the Alfa! That would take way too much yarn!  


  1. I am glad you have found a creative outlet, Merikay. You do wonderful work! I always need to follow a pattern.

  2. The sofa looks really nice. The pockets are a great idea...living in an RV, you always need extra spaces for things. Very clever!

  3. Ha Ha! I laughed out loud at your last statement about covering the Alfa. :O) I think that spiffing up of the couch is stupendous! I love those southwestern designs.

  4. REALLY, really nice, Merikay! If you are not careful, you will have an on the road business!

  5. You did a terrific job of matching the colors and design of the blanket. Great!

  6. I agree with Laurie that you did a great job matching the blanket. Very nice!

  7. Now those armrest covers are awesome!

  8. You really could sell those arm covers (and probably other things too). You are very talented and your design work is just beautiful.

  9. Wow - your armrests are gorgeous, and the colors and pattern are exactly like the blanket. And you designed it yourself - such a talent!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful work and great imagination. Very practical. You are inspiring me. Thanks.

  11. Cover the Alta Lil why not? Great work on the arm rests.

  12. Nice work :-) I love making things for the camper - I hope you get the same enjoyment out of it.


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