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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thanks for the support and encouragement

All of your supportive and encouraging comments are much appreciated right now.  I have been blogging about this, the end of our sticks and bricks time, in part to relieve the stress and also to encourage anyone who is thinking about it, to get started.  Hopefully this will also show them that this phase will pass and we will make it to our goal of becoming full time RVers.

I was thinking about my blog this morning and came to the conclusion that this process is somewhat like a long illness.  It is with you every day, some days seem harder than others, and your friends and family get tired of hearing about it.   Like with an illness, we have had help from our doctor, the handy man. I do know, in my heart, that we will get thru and recover fully. 

Today (Wednesday), I finished my jobs by 1:00 o'clock!

Looking down on the garden, from the deck, before spreading the bark.

Craig cut and emptied the bags, and I spread them with the rake. 

It took less than an hour to do the job!  Big improvement!

This is the collection of paints and stains I dealt with today.


I didn't take a picture of the empty shelf or space on the floor, but they have been sorted, emptied as needed, some put out to dry, and loaded up to take to the hazardous-waste place on Thursday. The motor oil has been poured into plastic containers, and I hope the HW people will tell me where to take it.  The rest of the van space has been filled with "to the dump stuff

Meanwhile, Craig went out and got our new smoke/carbon monoxide alarms as well as 40 boxes into which we will start packing his science fiction collection, to send to his nephew. He also installed the alarms, but grumbled that the California guidelines on where to install them are quite a mess.

So after a busy, but productive day, we indulged in home made Buffalo chicken wings.  I know, high in fat, but oh so good!

Do you enjoy an occasional forbidden indulgence?


  1. The garden really looks good. And I thought Jim had a lot of old paint and stuff to get rid of but we didn't have as much as you guys. Glad there's a place you can take it. If only I had just an occasional forbidden indulgence. Jim went and got me a frosty from Wendy's the other night at 10:00 p.m.

  2. It all comes together...took us two years and finally had our closing today. Baby steps but you'll get it right and the day will come! Laughed about the mulch...we laid all brand new and the buyer wanted the septic checked...left yesterday and all my hard work looks like a mud hole. Guess they have to spread the next batch. I'll be following your journey...hang in there!

  3. Hang in there. It's almost over. Happy Days are almost here. Your garden looks really nice.

  4. Merikay...I remember when you had practically given up on your dream...you thought no way was it ever going to happen! And I don't think Craig was on board at all...look how far you have come. Think of this as a job and you are making traveling money...It is all going to work out and I think you are going to hit the housing market at just the right time.

  5. It's looking good, Merikay!

  6. sure looks like you the two of you work well together! very soon all this hard work will pay off!!

  7. Not tired of listening at all. I find your relentless carrying forward inspirational. It will be with an even more sweet satisfaction when you are finally on the road!

  8. Yes, we have occasional indulgences,and we can always figure out a good reason.

    Our paints and stains were an issue for a while until Jimmy the junk man decided to take them all off of our hands!

    Sounds like progress is being made. Packing all those books looks like a big job, but it will probably feel good when they are gone.

  9. I indulge more often than occasionally. ;)

  10. You are making great progress. I like to read all you have done to get to your dream. Hang in there Craig and Merikay it really IS coming together.

  11. That bark made such a difference. Your house and yard are going to look so nice, you aren't going to want to sell it! Don't change your mind. :)

  12. Hi Merikay! It's Terri from the Road Warriors, I have been absent from posting for almost a year now, was sick and didn't want my blog to turn into a "Pity Party" but things are looking up, and speaking of looking up, you were the first person I thought I'd better catch up on!

    I am so glad you are getting ready to finally bust loose, everytime I see an Alfa I think of you.

    We are dry docked in a lovely little 55 community in Florida while I recover but I look forward to linited travel in the future, if you EVER get to SW Florida you be sure to give me a holler and we'll go chase alligators or something!

    Much love and glad your dreams are coming true.....


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