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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Product Review - Better than Windex

I really don't mind washing windows, but I do get very frustrated when I feel like I did a good job and then see streaks and smudges.

I have used vinegar and water, Windex, and several "house brands" of blue window cleaners and am usually disappointed.

Yesterday I bought a new (to me) one at the Ace hardware store, and I can't stop raving about how wonderfully it works and how sparkling clean the windows are.

It is earth friendly, non-toxic, and "made with no chemicals".  I can see using it on many surfaces in the RV from windows to countertops, to the shower and sink.  

The last time we washed the side windows in the Alfa they came out cloudy and streaky.  I am looking forward to giving this stuff a try.  

I have NEVER seen our house windows look this clean and this good.  So happy.

We were going to have them done by a professional window cleaner, but the guy our realtor came up with would not do the five big dining room windows.  They are too high to reach with a ladder. There is a narrow walk way around them.  There are anchor loops on each side of each window to hook onto with a safety harness.  When I asked him if he had a harness, he said he wouldn't do anything that required safety equipment.  I would not allow anyone out there without, except Craig.  He uses a homemade safety belt, but I would not want the liability of having someone fall while using just that.  It is more to help him keep his balance and give him confidence.

So we did them ourselves, and they are better than a pro would do!


  1. Good for you! That guy sounds like the first lady we had come out to our last campground we stayed at to give us a quote on washing our motorhome. She said she "didn't do roofs", that most rig washers around didn't do them because of "insurance issues". We decided she personally didn't like getting up on the roof herself. Had no problem finding a guy who would. That guy who wouldn't use safety equipment sounds like a real hazard to employ!

  2. Thanks for the hint. I have been wanting to get our windows clean - so have finished only four and those just on the inside. Can I borrow Craig?

  3. Not for lending until everything is done on our house.

  4. Timely post for me! I just had the frustrating experience of trying to clean windows and ending up with streaks, etc. I'm going to give this a try.

  5. Yes, thanks for the tip, will definitely look for this. We too seem to have streaks all the time. Very frustrating especially with all the hard work put into them.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I haven't found this type of cleaner here yet. Until now my version works fine.
    Had streaks on the windows too until I added ammonia to the mixture.
    Water, white vinegar and a splash of ammonia all purpose cleaner in a spray bottle does the trick. Spray on, wipe off and polish with a cotton rag (from an old bed sheet).

  7. Heading for Ace Hardware soon as we get home!

  8. I'm stopping at the next ACE Hardware we see. I clean, clean the windows & mirrors and it looks like I did nothing but smear it. Excited to try this -- thanks for sharing the info!

  9. I imagine cleaning windows in your house is a very big job. We've been using "The Solution" to clean the motor home and it also does a wonderful job on the windows.


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