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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bobcat At Camp Driveway

This is a Web picture, but the one I saw this morning gave me the same look!

I saw our resident bobcat this morning when I went out to flap our throw rugs. He jumped out of a tree just a few feet from the Alfa and gave me the most disgusted cat look as he quietly slipped away down into the forest.  

I am very glad to see him and to know that our living in the Alfa has not chased him off.  We have only caught one mouse in the bays this fall, and have had no other "signs."  I think it is because we have this excellent guy on the job.  

Other than that, there is not much to blog about.  The weather here has been excellent.  We are comfortable in the Alfa, and are planning a couple of local hikes. I think we are going to the movies this afternoon while the Realtor holds yet another Open House.  

The house has been on the market for more than two months now, and waiting for something to happen is a bore. 

I know, it only takes ONE buyer. 

But I wish they would show up soon. 


  1. How cool that you have your own 'mouser'!

  2. Love the mouser. Good luck on the open house.

  3. It is a bore (we just went through it a year ago). Yeah - nothing like a cat (large or small) to keep the rodents out of your rig.

  4. That is some kind of cool mouser. I would want to keep him around also. Waiting for a house to sell is like watching a turtle cross the road. But when it happens, we'll all party with you.

  5. what a beauty and yes he does look a wee bit disgusted...

  6. Not a bad cat to have for a mouser, and yes the time waiting for the buyer is boring and can be slow but it will happen.

  7. That is an awesome neighbor! Wow.

    Hang tight and keep finding things to do so you don't get too frustrated with the house. Is it time for another short trip?

  8. Cool to see a bobcat at your place. I was very impatient when my house was up for sale.

  9. Cool to have a resident bobcat and to get his photo.

  10. I love the picture at the end of this short video of a meeting of housecat and bobcat...

  11. Hang in there on the house. It has been disappointingly slow these past few weeks. It will sell. It's a great place!

  12. Once had a bard owl cleanup up all the rats and mice at my OLD place (lucked out - closed Nov. 3rd).
    BTW will be in the area end of Dec, through beginning of January. If you are still around we need to get together.


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