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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life at Camp Driveway

It has been raining for the last few days here at Camp Driveway.  For some around the country, rain is not a desirable thing.  Here in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, it's a reason to celebrate.  We have been in a very serious drought cycle.  The few inches of rain we will get out of this storm system won't fix that, but it will green up a few brown hillsides and perhaps water a few trees.

In the past I have always been aware of the rain when it happens, but not quite as much as I do now that I am living in a big fiberglass box.  The back of our coach is parked beneath a large pine tree, and it continues to drip water for hours after rain has stopped. 

 Sometimes it drips when it's not raining, because the pine "harvests" blowing fog.  In the back bedroom section of the coach it seems much louder than in the front living area.  Last night I tried ear plugs. They came out in my sleep, but I slept well anyway.

I have spent a lot of time doing canvas needlepoint. My chair is quite comfortable and the window light is good.  I use a small spot light in the evenings to supplement the overhead. 

I love to wear happy socks!

Yesterday I defrosted the freezer.   I needed a step stool to reach the back. These are my "Good Sam" socks that I got at Camping World. They are quite thick and have a non-skid bottom.  Almost like slippers.

This is only the second time I have defrosted, and it probably didn't need to be done in the side without the icemaker.  But defrosting gave me the opportunity to restack things and remind myself of what's in there.

When I look out my kitchen window I see this tree.

When I look out the bathroom window I get a slightly different view of the same tree.

We don't close the mini blinds on one side of the bedroom at night.  Only the squirrels can see in, and we enjoy the morning light. 

 I see the same tree from yet another angle thru the bedroom windows.  

Can you see the face?

It's funny, because I swear her expression changes with the light. 

Sometimes she is smiling, sometimes not.

The rain has made her hair grow longer every day.

She doesn't have a name, but if we stay here much longer I may give her one, and perhaps start to talk to her!

Progress is being made on the house sale.  I will write more about it in a few days when I'm sure about what is happening. But for now things do seem to be moving forward.

Is it a bad sign to think about talking to trees?


  1. Love the face in the tree. I don't think there is anything wrong with talking to her but give her a name she might like that.

  2. There is only name you can give her..........Fern.

  3. I think your tree is winking at you. Methinks she likes the rain!

  4. Heck no .... Talk to the trees that's communicating with nature ...... Right ??? That is a beautiful tree and a lovely view out your windows .... Sooooo thrilled progress maybe positive regarding the house !!!! Keep the "happy socks " on for good luck !!!!

  5. Merikay...I'm just catching up...hang in there! It is either going to happen or not...but don't let him move in!

  6. I enjoy talking to trees. They are very patient, understanding,& knowledgeable listeners:))

  7. I'm glad there has been some progress about the house sale.

    I think you are definitely needing to get out of camp driveway before you start talking to the trees!

    We have to defrost our refrigerator quite often. We should do it monthly, but never get around to it. Maybe it's the humidity that frosts it up so fast.

  8. I have hugged a tree on many occasions, but I don't think I've ever talked to one. :)

    So happy to hear that your sale may be making progress! Yay!

  9. Perhaps if you talk to her she will finally let you go :-)! We loved the rain in Santa Cruz, such a beautiful area.

  10. Tree spirits, Merikay. Trees are amazing living things. They stay in one place and thrive in the worst conditions. We could all learn some good lessons from the trees. That one has an interesting face, and such nice green hair. Happy to see you working in the freezer. We have a hard time remembering what's in ours, too. Always good to get in there and re-pack things.

  11. That is so funny. As I was reading your blog, but before i got to the part about the tree, I glanced at the photo and recognized your lady! She is easy to see.

    You may need to give her a hair cut though. While you do that, like all good hairdressers, you need to talk to her.

  12. Not a thing wrong with talking to the trees... but let us know what she says back...

  13. She should certainly have a name. Maybe something mythic. Maybe she needs a pair of socks to help push you on your way.

  14. Here in Thailand, they have a spiritual relationship with a lot of trees. Even in the middle of Bangkok, you'll find huge trees with large, aged, saffron-colored ribbons wrapped around their trunks. They do this because they believe that the spirit of a monk lives in the tree. These trees are inviolable. Sacred. They became so because someone said so. Someone noticed something about them and said, this tree is not to be cut. If your Camp Driveway tree lady was here in this country, we'd be wrapping a yellow ribbon around it and it would be safe from saw and axe forever.


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