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Friday, October 10, 2014

Jim's Smokin' Que

[From Craig]  Barbecue fans from all over the country (at least those east of the Mississippi) should make a beeline for Jim's Smokin' Que south of Blairsville, GA.  It's about 2 or 3 miles south of Blairsville (94 miles NE of Atlanta) on US 19/129, locally a.k.a. Gainesville Hwy.

We've been looking at the place as we go past, for the last week or two.  Since they're only open Thursday through Saturday, it took us a while to get synchronized.  Now that we're retired full-timers, we have a tendency to forget what day it is.

I thought I'd never have as good a barbecue as we had at Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City.  Being retired full-timers :-) my memory makes it hard to make comparisons four months apart, but the food here at Jim's sure is great.  We got the big Ribs and More platter that you can see on the site, with pork back ribs, beef brisket, cole slaw and fries.  The idea was to have enough leftovers for breakfast tomorrow, but the stuff was so good that we may have supplement the leftovers!  

The ribs, french fries, and cole slaw were all world-class.  No one makes brisket as good as did my late friend John Nocher of Virginia Beach, Cape Canaveral, Milwaukee, and Fort Worth.  But if you put a good amount of Jim's excellent barbecue sauce on their brisket, it gets pretty good too!

We didn't bring our camera; the pictures wouldn't have been as good as the food anyway.  But I did catch a phone shot of their shirt.  A fold makes it hard to read their slogan "you can smell our butts for miles".

We even have 3 or 4 ribs left over.  I may dream about breakfast all night...

From Merikay:  I was thinking of making the leftovers for dinner, if I can hide them from Craig long enough.


  1. Looks like you two are having an oinking good time.

  2. High praise indeed comparing to KC BBQ


  3. Gosh, that sounds good !!!! And all the fixins terrific too !!!
    Glad you found that spot and figured out the schedule.....
    Sooooo great you are taking a break and having a rest.....

  4. I just finished reading from the beginning. As I am in the beginning prep stage I enjoyed reading the beginning. I get frustrated having to wait at least three more years until we can hit the road but if I can mimic your journey and begin purging and working on the house as you did we may just about be ready by then. I am also inspired by your miles walked journey and if I may I am going to steal that motivating mantra as I walk on my treadmill, 'someday I will be walking the national parks'. I know I need to exercize but that will help keep me motivated. Thanks for honestly documenting the journey. Nora


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