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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wekiwa Springs Wrap-Up

Our time is almost up here at Wekiwa Springs State Park, and we must say we have really enjoyed the peacefulness of this place on the edge of Orlando. The weather has been to my liking. It has reached the low 70's most days, with overnight temperatures in the 50's. Quilt and cuddle sleeping weather. We have had some heavy rains in the night, but that only makes the Alfa seem more like a warm, safe, cozy cocoon. 

We have been out for walks most days, either here in this park or at some other nearby places. Most of our treks have been three to four miles on wonderfully level paths.  I like that!

Our last hike was just over six miles in length. We had set out for an eleven mile loop. On the second leg of the loop the trail turned to mud and bog, as it approached this river-run which is connected to the one we canoed on last week.

We kept expecting to get past the bog and find dry trail because we could see the blaze trail markers from time to time, but the muck just kept going on and on. I think it was about a half mile or so, but it sure felt like further!

Eventually we got to a drier place and had a choice between continuing on the blazed trail or taking a service road. I wanted to go down a sandy service road, and Craig wanted to continue on the trail. We tried the trail for another half mile. But when we saw more muck and puddles ahead, we turned around and went back to the road.  

We kept mumbling the State Park slogan "the Real Florida" from time to time. All in all we had no mishaps, and felt like explorers!

We ended up eating our lunch at a picnic table next to the Jeep. The second boggy area eliminated five miles from the loop we had planned. I didn't mind. Six miles is enough to make me sleep well!

Not all of our time was spent in the parks.

For one of our day trips, we went to a "pick it yourself" orange grove. We have been looking for a special orange called a Honey Bell, but none seem to be available either at the groceries or at the roadside grove stands. This grove was out of them as well. We did get some Yellow Navels for juicing and have been having fresh squeezed OJ every day.  Yum! 

There were some friendly farm animals at the orange grove. This longhorn had quite a good spread!

The days have passed quickly, and we made some fun memories, but we are ready to move along on Wednesday.  We have so far to go!  Next stop: 64 miles northwest.


  1. Nice looking trails! Fun to pic your own oranges. Wow, those are some horns!!

  2. I used to get Honey Bells when I visited Bel in Ocala, but I think it was earlier in the season. And. They aren't any better than the incredibly sweet navels that we would buy from the roadside stands in Cross Creek. Hope you two get north and get to visit Cross Creek eventually. It is truly Old Florida and quite special.

  3. I refer to my RV as a cocoon, also. Fresh squeezed orange juice is the best.

  4. Lovely pics - looks like a great hike (at least until it got boggy). Odd to see a longhorn in Florida :-)

  5. It looks peaceful and to have such nice paths nearby is a bonus - I'll be tagging this as a park to visit when we (eventually) get south. Is this one of the parks you had to book a year ahead?

  6. George absolutely loved the fresh picked grapefruit he would get every week while we were there. I'm not a grapefruit fan, but the fresh oranges were wonderful!

  7. What kind of orange squeezer/juicer do you have?


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