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Monday, March 16, 2015


Just a quick note:
Thanks for the information and links about Glacier National Park. It is on my Bucket List for this Summer. We have a month reservation outside of Yellowstone in July and are planning on getting to Glacier in mid to late August. Since it seems there are more and more people RVing, I want to make sure we have reservations at one of the more reasonably priced places. 

I always enjoy reading blog posts, but find it cumbersome to remember who went where when.  

So thanks again!


  1. Hope to see you guys this summer. We'll be workamping in White Sulphur Springs, Montana from 5/18 until right after Labor Day.

  2. We stayed at spruce rv park on the river
    I posted about it on July 23 2012
    You won't be sorry if you stay there
    It's a bit of a drive from the park entrance but it's a lovely park.

  3. I find it very hard to remember who went where when too, so I started to keep a notebook beside me when reading posts. A quick note of places to see that intrigued me. I believe I have a note in there of a pizza place you made great comments about. Glad you got the info you needed and look forward to your next adventure.

  4. We spent a night at Johnsons in St. Mary to do laundry and it was fine. If you want to stay in the national park, the St. Mary Campground was a good location for exploring the east side.


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