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Monday, July 27, 2015

Morning Glory Pool, one of the "Must See" features in Yellowstone

Paved path to Morning Glory Pool and beyond
We have been to the Old Faithful area several times this month, and on Friday our goal was to walk the 1.6 mile path to Morning Glory Pool. Craig has a theory that whenever the posted distance for a trail or path in Yellowstone is more than a mile, the crowds thin out. This was certainly true here.

The walk was worth it.

In the past, Morning Glory Pool was a brilliant turquoise blue like many of the other pools and springs, but over the years people tossed coins and other things into it, partially blocking the water flow, which caused the water to cool enough that different organisms began to thrive and the water color turned to the green it is today. I'm sure the people did not intend to harm the pool, but now there are signs requesting tourists not to toss anything into this pool or into any other.  They are not wishing wells!

Morning Glory Pool looks like a huge flower and is very deep.

We then returned to our Jeep along the boardwalk that borders quite a few pools and geysers as it winds back behind Old Faithful and to the parking area. Our total walking distance for the afternoon was about three miles.

Here are some of the other neat things we saw in the area:

The built-up cones of these two geysers were pretty big, attesting to their great age. The deposits build at a rate of about one inch per 100 years.

There were many pools, both large and small throughout the area. This one was beautiful in the delicacy of the color. 

The water levels change in the geysers. Sometimes it goes way down and they only emit steam. 

One of two Chromatic pools, deep in the middle.

Blog note: reader statistics kept by Blogger suggest that we should be more careful with our titles.  It seems that twice as many of you decided to read a post with "Grand Prismatic" in the title, compared to a post about "Mud Volcano".  Who’d’ve thought?  :-)

Finally, I have to mention how absolutely wonderful the weather has been for the last three weeks. I don't like hot or humid weather, and for me the day temperatures in the low 70s has been perfect. When it does get a bit warmer there has been a nice breeze. It has rained in the mid afternoon some days, but mostly the daily rain has been very late in the day or early in the evening. The mornings have been delightfully cool and fresh.

I love this corner of Idaho-Montana-Wyoming in July (this year).


  1. I love that you're loving it! We've spent so much time there that it kinda feels like home and it's so fun to see someone else visit.

    Wondering if you're still going to Glacier with the fire. My Instagram feed told me today with a beautiful photo that the road to Bowman Lake is still open! If you're not I would suggest Cody. Since you enjoy museum so much the one there is spectacular. And you could drive through the park to get there. I've actually driven that twice.... Once with our travel trailer and then our motorhome. No problems. And also in the jeep Bear Tooth Pass. Have fun!

  2. we missed morning glory pool, guess we will have to go back some day

  3. Absolutely wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing..Loved the Morning Glory pool...How long will you guys be staying there total?

  4. I remember seeing so many of those colored pools back in 93 & I thought they were just so amazing. It was 35mm slide film I was using in those days but would like to go back some time with my digital cameras. A great area for sure & when we left Yellowstone we headed for Custer's Battle of the Little Big Horn site. Of course when I go that far back in time & use the word 'we' I am referring to a previous wife.................

    1. When I was young I thought I would have 3 wives in my life, But I seem to be stuck on the first one. :-)

  5. We totally missed the Morning Glory pool. I was having so much trouble with sciatica then I just couldn't handle one more walk. Saving it for next time :)

  6. We totally missed the Morning Glory pool. I was having so much trouble with sciatica then I just couldn't handle one more walk. Saving it for next time :)


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