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Friday, April 8, 2016

Crooked River Park and St. Marys Sub Museum

Crooked River State Park in Georgia looks much like many parks in the Florida/Georgia area. Beautiful!  Lots of tall pine trees, large RV sites, and good paved roads.

On Thursday we meandered over to the water front park area of old town St. Mary's. It is the Cumberland Island National Seashore. There is a very well groomed park with a nice fountain and trees.

There was also a charming old wood gazebo and a newer metal-roofed performance stage. 

The view from the stage framed the lawn nicely.

I often notice signage. This set made me think the "powers that be" would like to have had a much taller pole. They could have added no dogs off leash, no spitting, no smoking, and considering it is the South, no use of a public bathroom unless you have your birth certificate in your pocket.

Across from the park area is the Submarine Museum. It got mixed reviews on Trip advisor, but we usually find small one-subject museums interesting. 

The periscope was pretty neat. You  could clearly view 360° of the outside world.

Other than that, most of the museum was displays of items from submarines. Patches, flags, books, plates and ashtrays. Memorabilia. But the movie was pretty good.

I guess I expected there to be a submarine at the museum, or at least at the dock. But here wasn't.

Often, outside the main gate of a military facility there will be decommissioned fighter jets, positioned as if they are flying.

Well, outside the gate of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay near St Mary's, there is a decommissioned submarine that looks like it is coming up out of the lawn.

Which is kind of a fun sight to behold. 

As we hoped, our drive to Skidaway State Park outside of Savannah went smoothly. Due to the trees all around our site, as at Crooked River, we were not able to get satellite reception. But, we are getting an excellent Verizon signal, and to our amazement, the park has free cable at each site.  

Our plan for the next three days is to do "tourist things" in Savannah, starting with a walking tour tomorrow. 

Check back, I'll write about it in my next post.


  1. Looks like a great time! The rig looks good, man time flies!

  2. No profanity? Well, shit. I like one-subject museums too.

  3. You are keeping busy and enjoying the sights, and the weather.

  4. The submarine museum in North Little Rock takes you inside one.

    1. Those WW2 era subs are so close inside. The USS Razorback in Little Rock looks like a great place but I was too claustrophobic to take the tour.

  5. Fred and I stayed at SUBASE Kings Bay last year for a week. That little museum is a great find. I really wanted to see one of the big subs arriving or departing but wasn't at the beach at the right time.

  6. We just loved Savannah! Have a great time there :)

  7. Savannah is on our wish list. Maybe next year.

  8. I thought Craig was looking at some Girly movies there until I realized you were at a Submarine Museum:))


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