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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

We are only as far from our grandsons as the nearest airport...

Over the years I have heard from many people who say they would love to travel around the country in an RV, but wouldn't want to miss out on seeing their grandchildren on special occasions.  My answer is "You are only as far away as the nearest airport".

On Thursday we left the motorhome at a commercial RV park (one that felt reasonably secure) and flew down to San Diego to attend our oldest grandson's graduation. 

Jeremy, Salutatorian and Troy, Valedictorian 
Jeremy, on the left, is the Salutatorian of the 2018 class of Francis Parker Upper School, a private prep-school, in San Diego. We are very proud of him. He will be going to MIT in Boston. Troy, the young man on the right, is the Valedictorian and will be going to Harvard. These two have been close friends and have traded off being #1 in their classes for the last six years. I think the difference in their GPAs was unbelievably close, but not exactly the same or they would have been co-Valedictorians. In the long run, it doesn't matter all that much. They both got into the college of their choice, and both qualified for a variety of scholarships.

We got back to Portland on Sunday, did some shopping and drove to Fort Stevens State Park, near Astoria on Monday. 

That afternoon we took a two mile, round trip, walk to see the beach and an old ship wreck.

It felt like a huge abstract sculpture.

From the front

We have a kite, one of these days we will have to take it along on a beach walk.

Because the campgrounds are in  the forests, at La Pine State Park we had great satellite reception, but no internet connection. At Fort Stevens we have no satellite TV, but good internet through our Verizon hotspot. TV is important this week because we are watching the final games of the NBA championships. But we have located a nice sports bar, Bubba's, not far from us and will be going there for dinner and the next game Wednesday evening. All other TV, we can live without!

I like camping among the trees at state parks better than at commercial RV parks. Yes, you still have other campers nearby, but they are there to enjoy the natural setting, be it for a vacation or, like us, as a retirement destination. Sometimes you have to live without electronic amenities, but that is OK.  Squirrels are good entertainment, and the views out your windows are prettier.


  1. Congratulations to your grandson. No wonder you are proud :-)

  2. We camped at Fort Stevens SP on our way back from our last trip. It was great except for the huge amount of mosquitoes!


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