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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Six months of progress!

Six months ago I started writing this blog.  I said it was to help me examine my feelings about wanting to go full time someday, or not. And to help me stay on track with all the jobs that needed to be done in order to accomplish that dream.

After six months of focusing on that goal, I would say I am 99% sure I do want to do it.  There will always be that very small part of me that would rather stay safely at home in a house!

I started this journey much longer ago, but only in my mind.  I was doing very little to "make it happen."  

But once I made the first few steps, and put that first items into a box for a flea market, things started to move along. 

 I really feel I have gotten a lot done in six months, and if the next six can be as productive, we may actually be able to sell the house and GO!

What We have Accomplished:

  • Hired someone to tear down the shed  and take ALL the old stuff in it  away.
  • Hired someone to replace the  roof, rain gutters  and do tons of dry rot repair.
  • Done about 2/3rds of the needed exterior painting.  (The inside is another story!)
  • Set aside many things and have done my first Flea Market.
  • Gotten rid of most of my unwanted clothes, and a few of Craig's.
  • Donated all of my old yarn and cleared all but one of the shelves in the back of my studio closet.
  • Boxed some of my fabric and will get rid of it after one year if I don't need it.
  • Started to sort old tax documents and other papers. Taking some to the shredder.
  • Started to empty the attic, and am determined to only store empty boxes!
  • Gotten rid of all of the old VCR movies.
  • Sold or donated most of my art reference books. (Same information and picture on the internet)
  • Taken my first trip to the dump.
  • Donated most of my old magazines to the HMO offices, and am not getting  any new subscriptions.
  • Done some research on what rigs we might be interested in.
  • Been to a RV show.
  • Changed a major habit in the kitchen.  I now do ALL of my dishes, wash and put away, every evening.  No more stacking in the sink or letting the pans soak overnight.
  • I have started a list book where I jot down daily "to do" lists, "what needs to be done" lists, and lists of "stuff" with notes on what to do with them.  I call it virtual sorting.
  • Sold the MG Midget.
  • Ordered new garage doors.
  • And much much more.

Most importantly, Craig is helping with the house repair and painting. 
He has not yet let any of his "stuff" go, but I think it will happen in his own time.  He is starting to "talk" the "talk."  When people ask were we want to go after selling the house, he tells them we want to full time RV for a couple of years!

  What is exciting is that we are moving forward.  The house is getting a much needed facelift. 

I also feel like I have found a very special group of virtual friends. 

 Friends that have encouraged me and who I know I can ask for information about almost any RV problem I may run into in the future. 

Friends I look forward to meeting someday.

I have found encouragement in reading about others as they got their homes and lives in order before they were able to take off.  I do hope that if any wanna-be's  read my blog, they will find it helpful and motivating.  If I can do it, anybody can.

So I'm looking forward to great progress in the NEXT six months!  I wonder what will have been accomplished by  February 19, 2011.


  1. You have made wonderful progress and your lists appear to be helping. You're giving me motivation!

  2. congrats on the last six months and all the hard work!..keep it up..the time will be here before you know it!

  3. Wow! Congrats! When you were starting your blog is when I was just starting to read them!! :) I will be interested to see how much you accomplish in the next 6 months.

  4. amazing how fast the time flies... isn't it?

  5. Great progress!! A lot can happen in six months. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  6. Holy smokes!! You got A LOT done in 6 months!! Way to use your time wisely. I bet you can't wait to take some time off to enjoy life. Won't be long :)

  7. You have accomplished a lot. It really is such a feeling of "freedom" from all that "stuff" and "house work". We decided to full-time in January 2009, bought the motor home in June 2009, sold the house in September 2009. Sure was a lot of work, but it feels wonderful to not have a "house" anymore and all that "stuff". I made tons of lists - it was great to finally throw them away and hit the road! Hang in there!

  8. OK..so we haven't done nearly that much to get ready for our journey of a lifetime. You are motivated. I work better under pressure. I've enjoyed reading your blog.



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