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Sunday, October 3, 2010

About those sandwiches ...

In my last blog I mentioned going out to eat Vietnamese sandwiches and got a couple of questions in response.    If you've never had one, and find yourself near a Vietnamese neighborhood sandwich shop, stop in, they are really quite good.

The name of them is  Banh mi.  They start with a crunchy French type roll, (remember Vietnam was occupied by the French for a long time.  Then layer on a swipe of pate, some spicy mayo, cilantro, slivered carrots, optional hot chillies such as jalapeno, and a meat filling.  Roast or BBQ pork and roast chicken are popular. The meat is usually warm.  They also do a vegetarian version.  I think there might be a little sauce, but I'm not sure.

We've had them in a couple of places and they are always very inexpensive.  The ones we had on Wednesday cost all of $2.50 each.  One plus my black pearl drink and a small desert were enough for me, and Craig had two sandwiches and a bottle of water and was satisfied.  (dinner for two at less than $15)

 A nice change from hamburgers or Sub sandwiches when you are out and about.

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  1. Hmm. I think I'd have mine without the peppers. I like my food pretty bland. :)

  2. Hmmm? I still like the idea of the $10 prime rib dinner better. I'd want more specifics on the 'mystery meat' in one of those sandwiches.

  3. Sounds interesting. Thanks for telling us about them.


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