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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday - Flu shot

Not much going on.
 Actually lots going on, but it's all  in my head!

Getting my flu shot this afternoon.

Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill, 
2.25 miles Saturday
2.25 miles Sunday
1.00 mile Monday
2.25 miles Tuesday
Total walked = 203. miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!

Daily countdown:
385 days, or 1 year, 20 days.  To get the house fixed up!


  1. That was one of the advantages of being stuck in Boise. I got my flu shot at the local Walgreens last week. :)

  2. I have yet to get one... I'm still afraid of them! lol

  3. I've never had a flu shot - I hate needles. So far so good - we'll see.


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