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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Blogger has done it again!  Can they make things any more unfriendly?

When I first started blogging I both used and didn't use the word verification feature on my comment form.  

Because I myself dislike having to type in the scrambled letters, I turned it "off," and have not had it "on" for most of a year.  At least I think it is "off." Please tell me if it isn't!

Occasionally I will get a strange comment, and simply delete it.  I also get several comments in the spam file from time to time.  They usually are spam, but I have the ability to look them over and publish them if they are not.  
I accept comments from "anonymous" because my family members comment, but are not followers.

I only moderate comments on posts that are over two weeks old.  I catch a spam with this from time to time as well.

I often leave comments just to let people know I am reading their posts.  Most of the time they are just friendly "right on!"  messages.

If you have the word verification feature "on" for your comments, I will continue to read your posts, but I am seriously considering not leaving any more comments on your posts. It was hard enough when I had to descramble one word, but now that blogger is asking for two it might be too much trouble unless I feel my comment is very important.

This will be particularly true when I'm reading on the iPad instead of my laptop.  The screen size leaves something to be desired when trying to decipher the scrambles words.


  1. I turned off the verif. this morning. Hopefully it will stay off...I had turned it off a few months ago...not sure why or how it came back on.

    yours is off Merikay..


  2. Seems to be a hot topic today! I've never had mine on ~ never had a spam message ~ never had an issue....

    Hope that doesn't change now that I've written it down! =/

  3. I turned off mine this morning. Thank you Merikay. If you see it come back on will you please let me know.

  4. I don't use it either and haven't had any problems. One of the words on this new program is almost impossible to read.


  5. Just turned verification off on our blog.


  6. I agree 100% about turning off word verification. For anyone using the new Dashboard format and wondering how to do it, I'll have a detailed illustration on my blog tomorrow!

  7. You're not seeing it on mine, are you? I haven't gotten any friendly "right on!" comments lately; does that mean I'm doing it?

    I don't have any problem with spam, even with no protections turned on.

  8. I turned my off several months ago. Occasionally I get spam, but blogger is very good about putting it in the spam folder which I check once in a while. The funny thing is that most of the spam is in some foreign language I think might be Russian.

  9. I am so glad several bloggers are turning this off. I've never gotten a spam message and here's hoping that with everybody turning off word verification, the spammers don't come out of the woodwork.

  10. I turned my verification off some time ago. Will you let me know if it has suddenly appeared again? One of the two new words is always blurry to me on those blogs that require it, so I've stopped commenting on those blogs. What is up with Blogger? :P

  11. I'm with you I hate those things and with this cateract its even harder. I hope it hasn't turned itself on on my blog. better go check.

  12. Being Newbees to blogger a few months back we were told to use it. Back then it was a single word but now two words and like Judy said the one is blurred with a change of background colour.

    After reading Rick's blog this morning our verification got turned off. Let's just hope it stays that way.

    It's about time.

  13. There's definitely something "funky" going on with Blogger today. People are turning off word verification, and weird things are happening! Tried to read comments on another blog, and when clicking on the comments, it took me to Google maps! I think it makes a difference on this comment thing whether you are using the "old" blogger or the new interface?

  14. Sure do appreciate the folks that are turning off word verification. Turned mine off some time back, hasn't been a problem. Thanks to Rick for passing on the cure!

  15. I turned mine off and checked today to make sure it was still off and after reading a few posts and comments today I think I will check the settings every so often to make sure it stays off.

  16. Thanks, Merikay. Mine is turned off as well.

  17. OK, mine is off now. I also changed my format to read on the same page, rather than the pop up window. The new word verification is a real pia! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page today, I appreciate it.

  18. Well, I hope my word verification is still off. I know what you mean about leaving comments when using the smaller ipad or for, the kindle fire. It is just not as easy to type on those things and word verfication often makes the completion of leaving a comment impossible when using the small equipment. Take care then Merikay. I'm not going to Sebastopol by the way. Want to meet for lunch and a walk this week?


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