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Monday, April 20, 2015

Sedona, Sunday

I visited Sedona, Arizona, several years ago for a long weekend with my sister, and was eager to share its beauty with Craig. As soon as we were settled into our site at the Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, we got into the Jeep and drove the 20 miles or so to Sedona.

We first parked in a 30 minute spot outside of the uptown Visitors Center, and after picking up a map managed to find a spot to leave the Jeep for a longer time. Sunday afternoon in Sedona is a very busy time!

The sky was quite dramatic all afternoon. It never rained, but we could see rain coming down from the clouds but not reaching the ground. (Such rain is called "virga".) 

Sedona is surrounded by red rock formations. The building codes of the city restrict color and height of the homes and businesses. Even McDonald's had to comply and there are no golden arches!

Our day ended with a get-together with our old friends, John and Bev. We had a light dinner together and then went to their home for a delightful dessert and a delightful desert view. 

We knew at least one of our Alfa friends was coming to this park, this week, but were surprised to see several others! Like us, they are only here for a few days before heading out in other directions.

It is going to be a busy week, lots to see.


  1. dessert in the desert - lovely! I'm looking forward to your posts about the area.

  2. In October when I left the Grand Canyon, I had hoped to go to Sedona but it was cold and rainy. So "someday" I will get there.


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