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Friday, April 24, 2015

Verde Canyon Railroad Ride

We had planned on taking the train from Williams up to the Grand Canyon after our Sedona visit, but when our friend John suggested taking the Verde Canyon Train Ride we decided to do that instead. Several other people had also recommended it as a nice trip. 

Both Bev and I thought it was a bit overpriced, but as Craig would say "the dollar isn't what it used to be!"

We opted for the First Class coach which included access to both a comfortable enclosed car and an open car where a guide pointed out the features that we passed. Craig had a good time taking lots of pictures.

Near the start we passed several Native American dwelling places from 400 to 900 AD.  None of them seemed very tall, more sleeping places than walking-around-in places.

Sometimes the train was quite close to the rocks, at other times they were quite distant.  The Verde River accompanied the tracks most of the time.

A few sandstone expanses interrupted the red rocks.

Most of the Western US seems to be composed of layers.

The ability of cactus and other plants to grow in rocks is amazing.

Looking up at close rocks.

Th train went over several trestles and through a dark tunnel, but we've omitted those images in favor of the scenery.

Bev and I found the first class seating quite comfortable. Although I have not been drinking alcohol for the last month or so, Craig and I shared a bottle of Chardonnay. The view out the window is the ranch land where the engines are brought around for the ride back.

On the ride back the sun had gone lower, which made some of the scenes look better.

The ride is about four hours long. 

[From Craig]  Shooting pictures from a train is much easier than on a hike :-)

On Thursday we drove 100 miles northwest to Williams. From here we will drive the Jeep up to the Grand Canyon for a day trip, possibly Sunday. Other than that, the next few days are devoted to rest and chores around the rig. I am also looking forward to using the heated indoor swimming pool and hot tub. 

The weather is going to be a bit cold for the next few days, with possible snow on Sunday. I hope we can see some snow in the Canyon.  


  1. the Grand Canyon is amazing, we stayed at the Grand Canyon Railway campground, very nice there and we used passport america

  2. If you ever get to Durango, CO The train there is a beautiful ride also. That one looked spectacular! Craig, I think you are in the minority of people in the country who might be hoping for snow!

  3. We did the Grand Canyon Train a few years ago and loved it, even though it wasn't cheap. Some things are just worth the extra coin. We're train lovers so we have to do the Verde train ride the next time we're in the West. :c)

  4. one of these days I'll have to go through your blog and make a travel itinerary.

  5. That's the way to enjoy a tour....in a comfortable seat with wine and big windows. Great photos Craig. I would have thought the train would be going too fast for good photos, but yours were wonderful.

    Snow? It seems hard to believe there could be snow anywhere.

  6. The train ride being designed for taking pictures, it went slower than a regular one. As slow as 15-20 mph in some of the more scenic stretches, and since it went 35 miles each way with quite a stop in the middle in close to 4 hours, it must have averaged about 25 mph.

    Not only can there be snow somewhere, but this morning it was right here in Williams, AZ. About a 2 inch accumulation but it started meting right away. This evening there is only a hint on the high peak in the distance.


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