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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Travel Thoughts

Tuesday's weather was too erratic to go for a last hike in the nearby Red Rock State Park. It would be sunny for awhile then get totally gray and suddenly burst into hard rain. There was even some thunder and lightning!

So, Craig took care of a small but perplexing problem with our fresh water fill valve, checked the batteries, and did the pre-departure tank dump. He often does these things on the morning we leave a place. Now they are all done a day ahead.

Our next drive  is about 250 miles. We will stop in Panguitch to fill up on both diesel fuel and propane. We prefer using the propane furnace for heat rather than the electric. I do use a small Dyson heater in the front of the coach on cold days, and when it is on, the gas furnace rarely runs.  Craig prefers to have the furnace on at night because it also keeps the bays warm enough to prevent the water pump from freezing.

I almost always have mixed feelings on the day before, and on travel days. I feel excited about going to a new place, and at the same time feel a bit uneasy about what the new park I have picked out will be like. As the trip planner, I'm always a little afraid I have booked us into the "Bates Motel of RV parks". 

I can't say I'm a big worrier about the mechanical aspects of travel. I know we have a good RV that has been maintained and has good tires and brakes, but anytime we are moving I know breakdowns can happen. I am glad to say that any misgivings I have are usually forgotten as soon as we are hooked up, fueled up, and on the highway.

Once we are on the road, I enjoy watching the landscape change and taking my turn(s) as the driver. 

We never rush to get going. If we are on the road by nine or ten, that is good. I always make sandwiches before we leave, and we eat them as we roll. We don't try to go too far in one day, and like to arrive and get settled before evening. Mid-afternoon is ideal.

When we do get to the next park, I always feel a release of tension  when Craig releases the air from the bags and the Alfa lets out with a big sigh as she settles into her new space. 

I guess it's like coming home from work or school at the end of the week. Looking forward to the first day at a new campground is like looking forward to Saturday morning. 


  1. I am always 'wired' on moving days. I've had enough breakdowns to make me nervous, even with a well maintained rig. :( I don't have air bags, but I truly understand the relief when arriving at my destination for the day.

  2. When I was planning to buy an RV, I worried about backing up and dumping the tanks. Those two things are easy compared to finding a place to stay for the night. I spend too much time checking reviews and mapping routes, I rarely make reservations - I make of list of several parks close together, so that I have options in case I pull up to a place that is not good. My challenge this week is routing around the crazy spring weather in the Midwest. If I had reservations, I would have lost money because I have changed my route several times to avoid floods and tornadoes.

  3. We can sure identify with that feeling of excitement and trepidation about packing up and moving on to a new destination. You said it so well. Safe travels and have fun in your next new road adventure!

  4. Gee, I thought I was the only one who worried about traveling and "mechanical issues." I'm actually in the process now of having everything checked out before I travel to Oregon for the summer in my Lazy Daze. It's a combination of excitement and "nerves."

  5. Sharon still feels that way on travel days even after four years of travel... I am the one who suffers from hitch itch if we stay too long in one place...

  6. I also get nervous on travel days. I like your description of the Bates Hotel of RV parks. We've definitely been to a few of them. I've learned to read between the lines better when looking at RV park reviews and pictures. Sometimes its worth paying a bit more rather than staying at one of the Bates parks.

  7. Even after seven years, I still have anxiety on the day we head out especially after sitting for months like we have this year. That's one of the main reasons we travel in our little Bungalow - I don't worry quite so much. Looking forward to your new adventures.

  8. I think most of us have some anticipation about travel days and what the next place will be like. Even when I got to the same places, like Quartzsite or the New Mexico State Parks, I'm often in a different site, the weather is different, neighbors are different. It's still a new experience. So heading for a brand new park in a brand new place would be more uncertain. And yes, the sigh when you get there, things are good, everything is done and you can relax. Priceless! :)

  9. Being the trip planner, I, too, am apprehensive when we go to a new place. Jim never blames me if it's less than ideal but I do feel resposible:-)

  10. Believe me the Bates RV Park is no picnic, I know I was there and PeeWee Herman was the camp host after a long night of something not good. There was no leaving once he spotted us and the welcome was anything but friendly. We locked up the rig as tight as we could. At 5:30 am seems like everyone was up and starting their Vehicles I think maybe they all worked at the Bates Cemetery.


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