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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

North to Wasatch Mountain State Park

After five nights at Yuba State Park, which is about a hundred miles south of Salt Lake City, we once again got the big wheels rolling and headed to Wasatch State Park, east of Midway Utah. I'll post about that drive and our new park next time.

The best thing I can say about our stay at Yuba was that it was very peaceful. Except for Friday night and Saturday morning, there were fewer than ten rigs there. In the picture above, our Alfa is almost in the center. 

We did have wonderful big skies, with a storm on Saturday afternoon with lightning and thunder. It's cozy in the rig in a storm.

My first reaction to the landscape was that it was very dull compared to the outrageous color and formations we had been seeing for weeks. But after a few days I began to appreciate the subtle pastels and earth-tones of the rocks and distant mountains.

Yuba State park is next to a 22 mile reservoir used primarily for agricultural purposes. On the campground end there are two islands. Craig observed: "Just like Crater Lake, only a different color water".  What a stretch!

I recommend Yuba State Park as a safe, inexpensive ($20 - full hook-ups) stopover if you are driving north thru central Utah. It is on Hwy 28, off of Hwy 89, parallel to I-15.


  1. I just added this to my list for our journey north (if we ever get out of AZ this summer). We are going to be making pretty much a straight run up the interstate to Montana but not many miles per day depending on how Jim is doing.

  2. I like the pastel colors too. Each place has it's own beauty.

  3. The colours are a balm to the eye after the rioteous reds! I love that you can see both in a day's drive. (p.s. you must have rooftop satellite as a clear sky can still mean 1/2 of setup if someone forgets how to use a compass!)


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