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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Two Happy Old Goats ...

The temperature in Moab on Monday hit a high of 97°. When we were on our boat trip, the guide told us about a small Movie Museum nearby. Many Western movies and TV shows have been shot on locations around Moab, in Snow Canyon, and in Monument Valley.

We decided to go check out the exhibits at the Red Cliff Lodge. 

The 14 mile drive was along the river, and once again the rock views were quite beautiful. If you are in the area and want to take a river level drive, go east on Hwy 128 which is right by the Colorado River bridge on the north end of town. There are many places to stop, plentiful smaller dry camp sites, and even some sandy beach areas.

The Museum was a series of well lit rooms with wall-to-wall framed pictures of movie production. It was very well done, and the many movie posters were great.

Not all of the movies made in the area were westerns. Thelma and Louise was one, and The Greatest Story Ever Told was another.

I guess Utah really does look like the promised land!

One exhibit had set design materials. Below is a model of a building used in "Riders of the Purple Sage", a TV program I do not remember.

The actual building still exists. In fact it was almost part of the RV Park we were staying at!

Seeing all the landmarks around Moab and being reminded of all the 50's and 60's westerns, made me think of my dad. He passed away at age 49 when I was 16 years old. In the last few years before he died, it was my job to fix and serve him dinner each night. My parents owned a small neighborhood tavern and my mother would take over bartending for a few hours each evening, so that he could come home for a meal and a brief rest. After he ate, he always laid down on the couch for a nap. He would leave the TV on, and his favorite programs were the Westerns. He said he liked them because he could fall asleep during the beginning of one, and wake up at the end of another, and not miss a thing!

I bet he would have enjoyed seeing all these places in person, and in COLOR!

Good-by red rocks, we will return.  The "Two Happy Old Goats" images below are from a card I bought at a Moab tourist site.

We left Moab on Wednesday and headed northwest about 178 miles to Yuba State Park. We will be there for five nights. I picked it for no other reason than it was a reasonable drive in the direction we want to be heading. It is a typical Western State Park campground. Paved roads, large spaces, covered picnic table and fire ring. We have water and electric, with a dump station in the park. The space fee is $20, plus a reservation fee of $7. I always end up making a reservation for peace of mind, but it sure wasn't necessary here. There are only a few other rigs here, but it might get busier on the weekend. There is a reservoir for boating, and lots of off road trails for ATVs.  The best thing is it is about ten degrees cooler than Moab, and the Verizon signal is stronger.

If you want to know where we are and where we are going, click this link or the one in my sidebar. I have made a few changes an additions.

We wish "all the best" to all Happy Old Goats out RVing!


  1. I was looking at your projected travel plans. If you need a place to stop for a few days on your way to San Diego from New Mexico, come visit us at Fortuna de Oro RV Resort in Yuma. They have paved pull through sites for short term stays and accept Passport America for up to 7 nights.

  2. I am enjoying your posts Merikay, I really had to laugh about your Dad watching the Westerns. So glad you are having a great time. Looking forward to your next adventures!

  3. Love the "happy old goats" drawing and saying.

    I am the same way as far as feeling more comfortable with a reservation. Sometimes in the spring months on our way north the campground is empty enough that a reservation isn't needed and that's pretty much the only time I don't make one.

  4. We always make reservations too. I wouldn't want to get to a place and not get a spot, then try and find something pulling 40' behind us! The park we're in now is so empty all the time, people know they can stop by and get a spot!

  5. Two happy old goats might be a good name for a blog. Nice story about your dad.

  6. I love how you bring the whole area alive and make me want to visit it myself.

  7. My dad falls asleep during his westerns too.. but he swears he is "watching them through his eyelids!"

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