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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Weather Alert and Ridiculous Alaska Law

Sunday morning our TV program was interrupted by this:

You know, that weird emergency noise (blatt ... blatt ... blatt) with a list of areas of Alaska that are effected (all). The message? The sun is going to come out and we will have warmer, drier conditions lasting over the holiday week. Emergency!

More rambling ...

As we have traveled across the United States, we have run into different state laws regulating the sale of alcohol, and in general respect and understand the community priority. For example, you can't buy alcohol in Montana Indian country when there is a Pow-wow. Even if you are not an Indian, and not going to the Pow-wow.  
Or in many states you can only buy beer and wine from state owned and operated stores, or in others the liquor store is separate from the grocery store. We have even been in Walmart where they have separate registers for wine sales. Or no liquor sales on Sunday. 

But on Saturday we came across a new one. I went with Craig to the liquor store next to, but part of the Safeway, to pick up a couple of bottles of wine for when our daughter comes to Valdez next week. I didn't have my purse along. We made our selections and went to the checkout. There we were BOTH asked for ID. I was not buying anything, but because I was in the store with him, they would not sell him the wine if I did not show an ID.  I stepped out the door, but it was still a no sale! The old lady clerk said that because I had come into the store with him I had to show my ID too.  This is beyond ridiculous. I'm 71 years old and look it. I was no longer in the store. But she said the law is the law.  On the other hand, I was with him in Anchorage and was not asked for an ID. 

Reading the state web sites indicates that checking ID is up to the seller to a surprising extent.  But Safeway posts their policy as a state law.

Craig went back later and bought the wine.  There doesn't seem to be any alternative store in town.

... Still waiting for the fish.


  1. We got carded every single time we had an alcoholic drink in Alaska...I don't know why they do that except alcoholism is a prevalent problem in Alaska. Maybe they are making sure you are in possession of your own identity card/license. I found out that it's illegal to be drunk inside a bar in Alaska, and a LOT of native American tribes in Alaska have banned consumption of alcohol. Who knows?

    1. Yes, carded when you are buying a drink, or buying a package, but I wasn't buying anything. I was just in the store with Craig. Plus when I went out, they still wouldn't sell to him because I had been in the store.

      As I said, we generally respect the priorities of the community, but this was stretching it.

  2. I think that store got caught selling to a minor at one point or someone else buying and giving to a minor....for they are on a computer operated program that won't let them sell to anyone unless they can punch in id....they do it for their own protection. They do the same in a couple of places in AZ...especially Target. If you want to buy just beer or wine be prepared to hand over your drivers license...which is why I quit buying in Target any alcohol in target...it just irritates me.

  3. The clerks are checking for red dot on the license. When a person is convicted of DUI's and court ordered to not drink, a red dot is placed on their license. It is illegal to sell to a red dot holder or buy for a red dot holder

  4. We had the exact same thing happen to us while in Valdez. At the Safeway, I was with Ron in their liquor store, I had no ID and they would not sell to us even if I walked out. Weird. I'm sure all of Valdez plus the bears too are waiting on those fish, hopefully soon. I enjoy your blog Merikay.

  5. our local grocery store requires I'd too - it's not like we can pass for 25! I wish.


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