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Monday, May 14, 2018

A Pleasant Walk Along the Deschutes River

Four or five years ago I would have had lots to to write about a nice five mile walk along a beautiful river on a sunny May day. But today I feel like I have written it all a dozen times. 

Best I can do is to say it was a very good walk. Just the right distance, with no big ups, downs or rough rocks.

The Deschutes river had more twists and turns than a sidewinder going down a steep rocky incline. At one point on the map, it almost crossed itself.

[From Craig]  One of the first times we drove into the park, our navigation screen showed what appeared to be a loop in the river. All of the camping areas are loop roads, but a closed loop in a river is unique! The furthest point in our hike was the conjunction in the river loop. Unfortunately, it was not easy to photograph from our side of the river. In the image below you can just barely see the left side of the loop, while the right side is more obvious. I think the river used to follow the loop, but in some flood year it cut the direct channel in the foreground. In a thousand years, the loop will probably be dry.

From time to time we feel we need to rest. If no bench is available, I tend to look for a stump or flat rock. I have found my Cotton camera vest doubles as a sling for my bad shoulder. I just slip a thumb in a nook behind the camera, and my arm is supported. 

Craig has discovered that he can relieve the compression of his spine, enough to relieve the pain in his back, by squatting like a frog for a few minutes.  

[From Craig] Far as I know, no frog squats on just his feet!

Whatever it takes, we will keep on hiking!

If you want to photograph wildlife, sometimes you have to think small.

We wondered if this tree split as it dried, or if had been struck by lightning. There are no burn marks.

The circle of life.

Walk on!


  1. The river is so blue, or maybe it is the sky that is so blue. AS long as it isn't you :-)

    1. Some of the glorious blueness (and other colors) is due to new software. Recently Adobe released new image profiles for Photoshop and Lightroom, in addition to "Adobe Standard" which we've used for many years. (We started with Photoshop 3.0 in the mid-90s, when it came bundled with our first flatbed scanner.) Oner of the new profiles is called "Adobe Landscape", and since most of what we publish are landscapes, we decided to use that. Plus it provides very striking color. I'm aware of keeping continuity with what we've published in the past, and have muted the Landscape colors a bit towrd that end. I hope you like the blue as well as the red and green.

  2. That river is a great river from start to finish. Part of it has a Rail Trail for biking along side of it. That was a great adventure several years ago. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Beautiful river. As long as you can keep walking, that is what counts:)

  4. AwhI see you are in our beautiful Oregon.🤗


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