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Monday, May 21, 2018

Heceta Beach, Oregon Coast

After three weeks of making our way north and west to the Oregon coast, we arrived at our first Oregon beach town, Florence.

We came here for a small rally of Alfas (and their owners). Allen Green and his wife are work-camping there and put it together, inviting others via the Alfa Facebook pages. 

We have had a campfire happy hour each afternoon. 

It is always enjoyable to spend some time with other Alfa owners and hear their travel stories and share some rig information. Craig keeps up with the tech talk on the Yahoo groups, but always enjoys talking to the others in person.

On the first afternoon Jennifer, a local masseuse, came to the park and to give chair massages.

This was the first time I have had a "chair massage." 

She sure knew where to apply just the right pressure to loosen up my tight shoulder.

Since we are staying here for a full week, I am thinking of contacting her for an appointment to get a full body massage at her studio.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

On Saturday evening we had a pot luck BBQ, served in the park activity room.  Great food, good people!  Allen made some of the best BBQ chicken I have ever had.

Earlier that day, we walked over to the Heceta Beach. The tide was going out, leaving a wide sandy beach. Good for walking.

The weather was just perfect. It has been a bit cool but I think that is typical of the Oregon coast, and in fact the cool temperatures are why we are here for the summer.

These ARE our golden years.  I think we are going to have a very relaxed summer in the Northwest.

All along the high tide line there were large collections of driftwood. Some were definitely cut down with saws. We surmised they had somehow "gotten away" from the loggers, and I remembered a few times when the firewood we were cutting in the Santa Cruz Mountains went rolling down the hill out of our reach.

These were much larger.

A couple more beach and dune pictures:

We will be taking a lot of beach walks this summer, so I will try to be selective about how many pictures I post. That in itself will be a challenge.

I will write more about our Florence adventures in the next post. 

Check back ...


  1. How beautiful!! We are planning a trip through northern California, Oregon and Washington next summer. Am looking forward to what you discover and the places you will be staying. Please let me know if you have any campgrounds you recommend for a 42 foot fifth wheel. Enjoy!!

    1. Hi Evelyn, On my side bar, under pages, I have a list of all the places I have made reservations for this summer. Almost all of them are State or National Parks, and probably would not have a space big enough for your fifth wheel. I use Reserve America and as I select parks, I give them the size of our RV ... 35'. Many State parks limit the size. I made all of my reservations very early because even if they can fit a 35' they may only have two or three spots that do. Hope you enjoy my ramblings, and there are probably many commercial places near where we are going that you could fit in.

  2. I love the Oregon coast. I spent about a month there a few summers ago. You can’t post too many photos for me.


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