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Friday, July 1, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small

Because we live in a wooded rural area, and do not have any outdoor cats, I have to actively take care of a number of mouse and rat traps in the garages.

I don't mind disposing of the stiff, but I really hate it when one of the rodents gets caught by a leg and isn't killed.

That is what I have today.  There is a rat caught in a snap trap in the fireplace clean out access closet. 

 Looks like it got him by the foot, and he can neither free himself, not get thru where ever he came in.

We have all the holes screened over, but he still got in, and if he was not trapped, he would go up into my attic.

Craig will  kill it for me when he gets home.  

But for now, I feel very sorry for it.

I want to catch it and take it to a vet!

No, I will not do that.  

It is a dirty disease carrying rodent, and he doesn't belong in my house.

But I feel like a horrible person!

Update: the deed is done.  


  1. I understand your pain - or should I say the rat's pain. Poor little guy. I don't like rodents in the house either but it is hard to see them trapped and in pain, doggone it. Two of my grand daughters have pet rats and the domestic ones are really quite friendly and cute. Hope Craig gets home soon. Don't beat yourself up - the wild rats do carry diseases and filth and you do not want them where you live.

  2. I hate it when that happens! Hope Craig puts him out of his misery soon.

  3. I, too, am torn. I want them dead but I don't want them in pain. Just dead and gone. But Jim has to get rid of them for me too. Can't quite get past that.

  4. Not a fun thing to think about. Hope Craig gets home soon and can put the little guy out of his misery and you too. Hope he doesn't wiggle loose and get in your attic.

  5. I'm with you on that one, I hate to see that happen.

  6. I love all creatures so it's always hard for me to see an animal in trouble. I used to have Guinea Pigs & Hampsters so have a place in my heart for small furry critters. I do understand the damage they can cause & the disease they can spread but it's still hard for me to see them in any kind of pain or trouble....

  7. we feel your pain..poor little rat..hope the misery didn't last too long!


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