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Thursday, July 28, 2011

RV Smog Tests

One thing I've been wondering about is what are the smog requirements for RV's in California.  I know they are quite strict on cars.  I have to take my van in again this year. (the van has been running fine lately)  Several years ago it cost me a bundle to get repairs so it would pass the smog test.

I have never seen anything about it in any of the listings.  

I wondered if we bought from an out of state seller or dealer, what we would have to go thru to register it here.  

 Where would we take it for a smog test?

I finally took a moment to look it up.  Gotta love the internet!

In California, Gas RVs have to pass the smog test, diesel RV's are exempt. 

Yea!  One less thing to worry about.  We are pretty sure we want diesel.

Just today's information gathering. 

 No RV shopping this weekend.  I'm leaving for San Diego on Sunday.  Probably not next weekend either since I get back mid-day Saturday.


  1. Have fun! Glad to hear the van is running ok.

  2. Another reason to buy a diesel I guess!

  3. Have fun in San Diego. Maybe the perfect RV will be at your favorite dealer lot when you get back.

  4. Don't have much info on smogging in CA, as we never needed to register our MH in CA (it was delivered to us in Nevada and immediately registered in Texas, as that's where we expected to domicile). We did have to have the MH smog-checked in Oregon when we domiciled in Multnomah County. Once we relocated to Marion County, no need for that anymore!!

  5. Have fun in San Diego Merikay. By the time you are back, I'll have begun the three-week road trip to NC and when I return we'll be living at the KOA in Moss Landing.


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