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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How old is your RV?

As we go thru this process I wonder about how old is to old for an RV.

We are pretty sure want a Diesel Motor Home, and do want to buy pre-owned because of the first three year deprecation factor.

But we wonder, how old is too old.  Is the 2004 we almost made an offer on, to old?  We would expect to get new tires and batteries for almost any used rig, and expect to pay a bit more for a warrantee and for other repairs.

But how old is too old?  If it looks like it has good maintenance over the years. 

How old is your rig?

COMMENTS and advice appreciated.  I know it is our own decision, but I like discussing things with others who have more experience than I do.


  1. Our motorhome is a 2008 which we bought new. The only reason we bought new was because the price was so good because they really really wanted to get it off their lot. 2004 is definitely not too old especially if it's been taken care of.

  2. Ol' 5th Wheel were just this side of the junk pile when I.M. got it, and it were a real big mistake. I.M. wouldn't want anyonebody to go through what me and Nilda has. That said, the older the RV, the more likely things is to go wrong, but ain't nothin' perfect, not even the new ones. I.M. of the opinion that in general, somethin' 10 years old are probably too old based on what are said in the campergrounds by other fulltimers, if'n we is talking motorhome type RVs.

    So I.M. guessing that if'n we was to do it over again, it would be something around six or seven years old to get the best value fer the money, at least in the short run. In the long run, anything can and will break. But the real thing are to get somethin' and start fulltimin' cause anything after that can be fixed.

  3. Ours is a 2007 and we bought it new at the end of 2008 -- like Jim and Sandie said -- because the price was good and they wanted it off their lot!

  4. We traded in our truck & 5th wheel on a 2003 33' gas Motor Home in the Spring of 2007. Low mileage, good deal, no regrets.

  5. my thought would be five to six years old..unless it is in great shape and well maintained!alos some may even still have a warranty....even the new ones have tons of issues!..
    tires and batteries would be a given on any used RV..good luck with the shopping!!

  6. Some good advice we heard was to buy agood quality high end coach and go backwards in year until the price was in your budget.

    I think a diesel engine can have more miles than a gas engine.

    Things like appliances will be older and in need of replacement sooner but these items won't break the bank and would be covered if you get an extended warranty.

    I don't think the 2004 was too old. Ours is a 2003.

    I think they keep depreciating a lot past year three too.

  7. We bought our 06 motorhome from pictures on the internet ~ a scary thing to commit to, but we are so thankful we did it! We shopped for months girl, so you are in the infancy of shopping as far as what we did. Make a list of what you have to have. When you find one, make a list of what you don't like; then decide if you can live with those things one by one.

    Our dealer, in TX (we live in KS) had lots of pictures online, yet we asked for many more specific ones. Any reputable dealer should do that for you. This dealer specializes in "young" used motorhomes. If you'd like their name, email me. We would recommend them to anyone for their caring before and after the sale.

    Look long ~ look hard!!!

  8. There are so many variables in this equation. A diesel engine, properly maintained, can go for hundreds of thousands of miles. The other components will likely go first. Our FMCA chapter is made up of GM bus enthusiasts, and some of those are 40 years old. But, those guys are always tinkering with something.

    Bottom line: I dunno!

    Happy shopping!!!!!

  9. great question! Wish I had an answer for you but I've got the same one regarding my future tow vehicle. (I responded to your post about buying stuff for an RV you don't own yet - me too - but it got lost .... Grrrrr.

    I keep coming here expecting to hear the big announcement. It seem imminent.

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  11. We have a 1986 Sportscoach gas 37'. We bought it in 2006. Yes we have had problems with it but the floor plan was just what we wanted and the price was what we could afford. Would I like a newer one - yes, one with a slide or two but we are now talking about remodeling this one and I think that will help a lot. And a little updating with the valances and colors. Too much tan, darker tan and even darker tan!

  12. Well, I just had to jump in after hearing about the '86..We bought our '88 Winne in 2006..It only had 60K and sat for 7yrs because after one trip back from Mesa they decided they didn't like the RV-RV motor life..Tyres, yep, shocks yes.We've put 40K on it these past yrs..Still the same fridge/furnace/hot water...Ya never know!!!!
    Good Luck!!

  13. I think it depends on what you buy and the condition it is in. Being "newer" doesn't make it better. Diesel motors can go many thousands of miles if properly maintained. Depreciation continues....it is a depreciating object.
    We purchased a 2003 Dutch Star (Newmar) with 40K miles....excellent MH!! We have had NO problems at all. No regrets!! 2004 is not too old!!

  14. ours is an 07 bought just 6 months ago... would I do it again - most definitely as it isn't too old!

  15. Since we have a non-engine unit, you don't need to know the age I suspect. But just in case you do. We bought our fifth-wheel new and the first year was working out a list of 20 or more bugs! We've done the next owners a very big favor.

  16. In 2009 we bought a 2007 Phaeton. When we bought it we expected to keep it for 5 years. We expected to quit full-timing by then and it would still have some value left in it. I don't a good 2004 is too old. We see many, many older motor homes still going strong.

  17. Our motorhome is a 2001 that we bought new in 2002. So it is 10 years old. It has been a delight all that time, just a few maintenance issues, but not like so many brand new ones we hear about.

    How old is too old? Well, how old is too old for an RVer? Only when the individual RVer -- or TV -- can function well. For some, that point comes early, some far later.

  18. Sorry -- in that second paragraph, I meant to say RV, not TV! Duh!

  19. Our 5th wheel is a 2008 which we bought new in October of that year. We got a super deal because they were trying to get it off their lot before the winter. Our previous 5th wheel was 10 years old when we sold it, and it was still in great condition. We had no trouble selling it. I think it depends more on condition than age.

  20. In late 2009, we bought a high end 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage, our "Dream" coach, with only 33,000 miles on it. It looked brand new, inside and out, almost never used. We knew it would need tires as it still had the original ones, so realized that though lovingly protected, and seldom used, it had little of the necessary upkeep. The mechanical records were up to date, along with engine service, as it was owned by the owner of a car dealership, with access to his shop garage. We had it inspected professionally, it was found to be quite sound, put tires on it, and have been very, very happy with it. We knew it might have some minor problems, due to the skipped maintenance, so we allowed for it, and strongly feel that it was worth it. There was some minor leaking in heavy rainfall, so we replaced the seals and toppers on the slides, but we got so much more bang for the bucks that we could afford, and we got a luxury 350 HP diesel pusher, to boot!! We consider it a fantastic investment in living our dream in the style we always wished we could become accustomed to! :-)


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