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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a quick post

Everyone else has dog pictures to post, and dog stories to tell.  So today I took a snap of my "granddog" Sandy.

She is a really sweet girl, ignore the weird eyes!  She Did not fall down these stairs!  She just looks like it.

Craig  watched the  Lazy Days Drivers Confidence Course Videos while I have been in San Diego.  He says they were very good, but his conclusion is that I should be the driver.  Why?  Because in the videos the wife is driving and the husband is outside doing the direction.

I told him it is because women take the course.  Men don't take it until they have had a fender bender!

We are going to see the Alfa on Saturday.  If it is not the one, we are going to take a break from shopping and perhaps go down to Tucson after Lazy Days AZ opens.  I would really like that, but I am going to be as open as I can to the Alfa.  

Someone said they couldn't follow the link I put up.  It seems they took it off their web site.  I guess the deposit puts it into the "sold" category.  It is not!

Saturday should be interesting!


  1. That's a pretty cute grand-dog! Thanks for posting her picture. Good luck with the Alfa - we'll be waiting to hear.

  2. Sandy from San-Diego is pretty darn cute!!!...looks kind of like my 'golden boy'!!

  3. Love that dog! I never knew how special Goldens were until I met Sweet Pea back in Georgia...remind me to tell you about her sometime.

    In our rv driving class,there were all couples except for one solo rv-ing woman. The men were tha main drivers but the women wanted to be able to either help out or drive in an emergency.
    Lazy Days Tuscon opens in September. The helper in our driving class will be the instructor. He is very good too.

    I am anxious to see how you like the Alfa. I would ask about it on rv net forum in case there are issues you should be aware of. From the forum we found out about a trailing arm issue and we found out it had been fixed. It couldnt hurt.

  4. Nice looking Granddog:)) Good suggestion by Karen & Al about checking out the Alfa on RV Net Forum. You will find a lot of answers there from the many RV people actually living in & driving the RV's.

  5. Goldens are such good dogs..what a pretty one. Good luck looking at the Alfa, hopefully it will cement it in your mind :)

  6. we seem to be a rare breed - RV'ers without a pet... but it does free us up a lot more than if we had one.

  7. That picture of Sandy is so cute. She is definitely a keeper. Just tell your other half, that the driving needs to be shared equally. Yea right - Jim does almost all of the driving for us. But I am much more comfortable pulling the fifth wheel so I may help him out once in awhile. Dying to hear what you think of the Alfa.

  8. I love the picture of Sandy. She reminds me of a wonderful dog we had many, many years ago .... such a sweet girl!

  9. You are wrong, Merikay -- not everyone has doggie stories and doggie photos. We'd have to go way back into our old photos to find a dog picture, many years before we retired. So, we enjoy the doggie stories and doggie photos others post. Does look like she fell down the stairs!

    And it is true that the woman should drive the RV. That's essential -- she should at least share the driving if her fella does most of it. Suzy does all the motorhome driving -- can't get her to share it with me!

  10. What is Lazy Days AZ? When are you going to be in Tucson? October, I hope, so we can meet somewhere. I have a lot of people to meet when I get to Tucson.

  11. I'm glad to see that LazyDays is opening is Tuscon, I want to do some upgrades to my coach this winter, and I didn't want to go back to Florida. It's good that you are comfortable driving and they did say that the right turns are trickier than left turns. The instructor said he sometimes goes out of his way and will make 3 left turns to get where he wants if he can't make a safe right turn.

  12. Goldens are such sweet dogs, she is a beauty. Good luck with the shopping.


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