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Friday, April 20, 2012

First Summer dinner on the deck

Last week we were sitting in front of a cosy fireplace every evening, reading and relaxing. The weather has been quite chilly and we have had a lot of rain in April.

But in the last few days it really warmed up, and Craig blew away the winters debris off the deck,  cleaned up the patio set, got out the cushions, and we had our first dinner on the deck.  It is such a beautiful place.  The trees are all bright green, or in the case of the maples a rich burgundy red.

Because I had cats in the past, I have never been in the habit of putting out bird feeders, so most of our bird entertainment is of the audio variety.  They sure were singing and chirping away!

Then to round out our "in the park at home" we decided to sleep up in the Alfa.  It's warm enough no heat will be needed.  I do enjoy waking up there.  We don't pull down the blinds like we would at an RV park, so when my eyes open the view is of the forest all around.

Good night all.  We are on our way to bed.


  1. sleep well..enjoy the RV in the driveway!

  2. Nite to you & Craig - sleep well. I loved to play house when my RV was in my driveway too! But really, did Craig have to blow that cold air our way???

  3. Our weather has been up & down. Last week your cold was our warm. This week the opposite..***n jet stream!
    Will be nice when the temps get stable and we can sit outside more.

  4. This spring has been a strange one even in the deep south!! So glad you were able to enjoy that deck and all the beauty surrounding it.

    Enjoy your sleep in the MH!! Sounds like it is better than a campground. More like the peace and beauty in boondocking!! :-)

  5. I have been tempted to go out to the motorhome to sleep. But it is not surrounded by a forrest, but farm fields. Not to exciting to wake up and see. hehe

  6. Weather has been crazy everywhere. Hope you & Craig are sleeping well in the Alfa.

  7. Wow, that sounded like a lovely evening!

  8. You do live in a beautiful setting. Glad you are enjoying it.

  9. I love the greening of Spring. It sounds like you have a wonderful place to enjoy it too. Very relaxing evening.

  10. It is just so nice to sleep in the RV, isn't it?


  11. I hope you had a good night. It is fun to play "camping". I'll have to take your lead and plan my own sleep out... if the weather would warm up... snow on the ground this morning.


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