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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RV Grill

If you have an RV, you have to have a grill, right?

One of the features of the Alfa is a propane connection on the side where you can hook up your gas grill.  Not having to cary a tank does save some room in the basement!

So our daughter and her husband bought us a Weber Q for Christmas.  But we didn't have the right kind of hose connection for it.  It has been a search to find the right one.  Neither Camping World nor Weber itself has a hose that would work with the Alfa.  We finally got one thru Alfateers, and as soon as it stopped raining we gave it a try.
Mostly vegetable kabobs
  I have told Craig that RV BBQing is man's work!   We shall see how long that lasts!  Actually I won't mind doing the cooking if he takes over cleaning and storing the grill!

The cook enjoys  a glass of wine while watching over the grill. 

My diet doesn't allow me to drink wine, but Craig still can.

veggie kabobs.

I used  3 ounces of shrimp for each of us.  Plus lots of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and fresh pineapple. 

 I used a Catalina dressing that I had on hand.  It's not a "low fat" dressing because you need a little oil for the grilling.  

Next time I might experiment with mixing up something myself.

To me grilling has almost always meant "meat."  Steaks, whole chicken, hamburgers.  But with our new outlook on food I'm going to have to explore a more vegetarian, or at least a non red meat approach.  

Our kabobs in the past were always about half lamb and half veggies.  These were so good we probably didn't even need the shrimp.  Craig said he really like the pineapple and so did I.

Later today we will have to clean the grill and stow it back in the Alfa.  That is one thing I'm a bit concerned about.  With our deck grill we just burn off the grates, and change the drip pan from time to time.  I don't want a greasy grill in the Alfa basement.  I think it would attract mice and rats.

How thoroughly do you clean your grill?


  1. Your kebabs look great! We are not as good at cleaning the grill as maybe we should be... that said, the bbq sits on some newspaper in the storage bay and we haven't had any trouble with mess. Perhaps because we don't do a ton of meat?

    btw I usually grill zucchini & mushrooms without any oil on them. I like to marinate whole mushrooms in some lemon juice & chopped garlic.

  2. Oh I love kabobs! YUM! I have a small coleman grill, it came with a canvas carrying bag. So I clean it up each time I use it so I can stow it back away in it's bag. It's a little smaller than the WeberQ & lighter weight. I kind of wash the grill plate off outside under a water spigot, then take it into the RV kitchen to finish washing it. My grill has a drip pan, so it also comes out for cleaning.
    Maybe ya'll can feed a neighbor & get them to clean your grill afterwards! ;-)

  3. the kabobs sound yummy!..nice to be BBQ'ing!!

  4. I can't find a connector for my hookup either.

    Clean the grill, ummm yeah sure I plan on doing that someday! I clean the grate before cooking but the rest I haven't done anything with. I store the grill in a bin on top of plastic.


  5. Wow - those look great, especially great since I'm hungry and ready to make lunch.

    I don't have a grill. I never grilled at home, so I figured I wouldn't grill on the road, and didn't want to spend the money or waste the space for a bbq.

    If I DID have a small one, I would probably do what Eric does - do a quick clean and then store in a plastic bin with a sealing lid.

  6. We bought a Coleman Road Trip grill, has its own bag as well. George found an adapter to hook it up to the propane tanks. We have yet to use it! He doesn't want to leave it outside here on the property, but we will use it a lot on the road.

    Knowing George, he will clean it thoroughly after each use :)

  7. Not having an outside cook or grill cleaner, I give a good brush with one of those steely brushes and shove it in the basement. :)

  8. Good cooking there, Craig. You put out some yummy looking kabobs! Nice way to hook up the grill now, too.

  9. I installed a "t" on the propane tank of our (now gone) motorhome, since I got tired of lugging the 20 lb. tank around. Worked great.
    Just remember to shut off the gas at the valve at the motorhome and burn off the fuel in the line, or the whooshing sound of escaping gas will come as a bit of a surprise.
    Don't ask me how I know this.
    As for cleaning? Meh, I usually fire the thing up on high, burn off what I can, give it a scrape and we're good to go.
    I find that most meat placed on the grill on the highest heat to start will keep it from eventually sticking. I then turn the flow rate down after the first few seconds.
    Have fun. You'll enjoy our Weber. We do.
    Oh, and I should mention, there's a pan you can get in which to cook veggies. Kind of a metal sieve type of arrangement. Works great for cooking veggies and not having to skewer them on a bunch of sticks.

  10. We have a Weber kettle grill, we line the whole thing with foil, no mess at the end. Just wrap it up when the coals are cold and we're done! We also have a little propane grill, a Coleman, which uses those canned propane cylinders but honestly, we prefer the little WEber kettle grill.

  11. The kabobs loo YUMMMMYYY!! We don't have a grill:o( We've talked about buying one but haven't. My husb is a clean fanatic -- that's prob why we don't have one...LOL!

  12. We don't do much bbq unless it is over the campfire...we do bring a grate for that just in case. So happy to read your previous posts on your healthy eating ...I now think healthy over skinny...and the skinny will come. So worth the effort...keep up the good work!

  13. Yum, yum, nothing can be more exciting and more special than having a barbecue on an RV. But, same as the meaty ones, the veggie kebabs that you've cooked still looks delicious and mouth-watering. As for cleaning the grills, I use a ball of aluminum foil to scrub it thoroughly.


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