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Monday, March 14, 2011

Hank The Cowdog

As I read the blogs of those of you who are wandering around Arizona and Southern California, finding wonderful ranch sites and desert locations, I can't help thinking how much you would enjoy listening to the Hank the Cowdog  audio book series.

Those of you in other states will enjoy them too!

A recent picture on the the Bayfield bunch blog of a coyote outside their rig reminded me of the series.

We have about a dozen of the the audio books that we have bought thru the NPR (National Public Radio) catalog over the years, and have enjoyed  while sitting in front of a winter's fire, and while taking the long drive down to San Diego (with dogs of course!)

Who is Hank?

Hank is a mutt!  He lives on a ranch,
and in fact is the "HEAD of RANCH SECURITY!

The many delightful stories are told
 in Hanks own voice,
from his unique, dog, point of view.

Hank and his good buddy Drover get into all
sorts of trouble, both inside and out.
Of course it's never their fault.

Sometimes Hank is a hero!
He also falls in love a lot.
Sometimes he has disagreements with the CAT!
The cat always wins, but Hank doesn't think so.

And the coyotes.  At one point Hank falls in love with a lady coyote and goes to live with the pack.  But they have  many drunken parties, and their singing keeps Hank awake at night.

Whatever he does, he manages to make his listeners smile. 

So if you love dogs, humor, and the West, this is a wonderful series.  

Buy a few for yourself, you can always share them with your grandchildren!

I looked up Hank on Google hoping to find some free downloads to recommend to my RV friends.  I found one site here that had a couple.  I don't know how it works, but you might want to try it. 

I did find the Hank the Cowdog web site and store where you can buy CDs or cassettes.  It's   here.  They let you listen to a sample of  the stories. 

I checked with the San Jose Library, and it looks like they have all the books, but I can't find any Audio Books.  I'll have to go into the Library one of these days and ask.

I'm going to buy several more and put Hank on my Christmas wish list. (I don't need any more "stuff.") I would like to have more to listen to when WE are on the road.  (There are more than 50 stories in all.) 

Anyway, it's good for the child within,  And I think with RVers, the child is not far from the surface!



  1. Those are really cute. Isn't there another popular series of children's books based on a dog? Yep, just found it - Clifford the Big Red Dog. I have heard good things about those, too.

  2. Hank is no Clifford.

    Hank get into trouble and is friends with vultures. He likes to swim in the run off tank.

    Clifford is a Big red dog that is good friends with a little girl and does cute stuff.

  3. I'll have to check those books out - maybe it's something for Molly and Rylie to read!!

  4. I just checked and they're available at my home library in Wisconsin. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be reading them this summer!

  5. I should read Hank's stories. I've often wanted to write from a dog's point of view in a polished sort of way.

  6. Will have to remember about looking up Hank when we get home. Being friends with the Vultures sounds like my kinda guy. With our limited bandwidth on the road we can't open audio visual things. Even with our newer 10 Gig limit we barely squeaked in under the wire again this month. Thanks for all your comments....


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