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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I hope I'm not claiming improvement to soon

About three weeks ago I took word verification off of my comments.  I think.  If it is still requiring you to type that silly word, please let me know!

The first time I took it off I started getting SPAM on older posts.  This time I checked the box saying to put comment moderation on posts older than 14 days.

So far I have not gotten any more SPAM.

I've gotten quite used to typing the silly words.  I make it a personal challenge and look at it as an exercise for my old brain.

I have also removed the auto-correct.  It kept changing my misspelled words into words that were nonsense.  I would rather watch for the red underline and correct the spelling (mistyping) myself.

My days have been good.  Getting some art work done, and today we took the first pass at the taxes.  There goes the savings account!


  1. UGH, taxes!! One thing we have to finish before we can leave on our trip. Almost done. I took word verification off too. Seemed like a waste of time. I have only had one spam message... so far, so good.

  2. If I knew how to delete the word verification, maybe I would:( One reason we changed our legal residency was taxes -- at least now we no longer pay state tax on our retirement income:)

  3. I took the word verification off about 4-5 months ago and once in awhile I get a spam post but I mark it as such and since I review all comments before posting it really doesn't seem to be much of a problem so far

  4. Oh yeah taxes. One of the reason that retiring means less taxes,right? :)

  5. Turns out I had a nice refund this year on the tax front. It's about time! :)

  6. your comment is just the way I like them....clean! I have never had spam of any kind and I've always had mine this way, so I hope it continues to work out for you!

    we are headed to our neck of the woods to get our taxes in order~I keep telling the Hubster, when he keeps delaying with this and that, that he is really counting on our little tax lady! I bet she adds an extra dollar or two for us being so tardy with an appointment!!!

  7. The spam filter on my blog works great. Almost 99% of them get caught and put in the spam folder in blogger then I just delete them all occasionally.

  8. I've never understood what the big flap was over word verification. So a person has to type in a few letters. Geeeezzz, what's so hard about that. I did take the word verification off one time awhile back but it wasn't long & the spam crap started pouring in. Now, with word verification & I get 100% legitimate comments. Now, what is so hard about that. I like your positive attitude in treating it as a good old brain exercise:))

  9. Strange you a worryin' bout silly words when yer avowed passion are animal heads. Know what you mean about them misspelled words and spell checkers. They ain't got the froggiest notion of who to spell. Don't know where they find them fellers to do that, but maybe there spellin' school drop outs.

    I sure knows what you mean bout passin' through Texes and the savin's all gettin' blow away. What don't git used fer gas, it bein' such a big state and all, the wind that are always a blowin that dirt all over the place is like to also blow yer cash wright outta yer hand.

    See what good commenteryings ya get from someonebody like I.M. who can read what ya really wrote.

  10. I think my word verif is still on, and moderation for older post comments have to be moderated. I don't get any spam now. Used to get about 30 a day.
    I wanted to comment to see if your word verif is on - I'll let you know if it shows up. (Maybe I'll take mine off and see what happens.)


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