Sundog, Lake Marie Oregon 2018

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better Day

Sometimes if I just write down my worries I find them much less of a burden.  Thank you for the comments and encouragements on yesterday's blog.

I'm more myself today.  I think we need an umbrella.


  1. Sure glad to hear you're having a less worrisome day.

  2. Hi Merikay. Some days are definitely better than others in the old "worry" department. Worrying makes me tired so I usually take a nap to refresh myself. (It's a nice way to get away from my thoughts too.) I hope you have a very great day today, free of any degree of worry.

  3. My blog helps me put my worries in perspective. Especially at times like I'm dealing with right now. It doesn't eliminate the worry, but it sure helps me get things off of my chest. :)

  4. I am so glad you are having a better day! Don't be too hard on yourself cause I think we all worry about things from time to time...kinda human nature.

    You guys are doing GREAT!!

  5. I'm glad you trust us enough to let it all hang out. Glad you are having a better day today. Take care.

  6. Sometimes you need to let it out, I've been in that boat for awhile now. I'm glad you're having a good day!

    Have an even better one tomorrow, you deserve it.


  7. Your trip plans sound fun Merikay! I hear your excitement. You guys are going to have a great time. I look forward to hearing how you do during your stays and travels in the city areas. (Today's comment post section seems not to be working thus I commented on a previous post area.)


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