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Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Night

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I wasn't eager to sleep on the rock hard mattress that was in the Alfa, but Craig was, so we did.

What can I say?  The mattress was terrible, but the location was nice.  

About half way thru the nigh I heard Craig get up and leave the coach. I thought he was giving up and going back to his own bed. 

I went back to sleep, and the next thing I knew he was back. 

Turned out he went down to the house for a midnight Ice cream snack.  (Honestly that man can snack three times a night and never gain a pound!)

Considering the mattress, I slept very well.  Then just as dawn was breaking, I was jolted awake but a "noise."  Tap ...  tap tap....   scratch ... .... ... tap, 
all from overhead, 
Possibly from the cabinets above the headboard.

Oh no!  Parked in the forest for two days and the "creatures" have found a way in.  I had bought the moth balls, but hadn't put any under the Alfa yet. We have been leaving the windows open to let in the fresh air and I was going to wait with the moth balls until it got cooler because I knew Craig might be bothered by the smell even if it was outside.  I had bought the Bounce fabric sheets, but was too busy to put them around in the bays.  

I had made eight little sachets of Irish Spring soap and tucked them here and there, 
... tap ... scratch...   

"Shush" said Craig "Did you hear that?" 
 tap... plop... plop... scratch

Now the noise was coming more often in more places than just over the headboard. We looked out the window and it was not raining. 

scratch ...

A HA!  I know what it is.  I got up and looked out the front window. Sure enough,  fog.  When it comes up from the ocean in the night, the trees catch drops of water in their leaves, and it drops down like rain

I went back to bed knowing it wasn't a mouse, but Craig wasn't quite satisfied. He went out and walked around the Alfa.  When he came back in I asked what he had seen.  The scratching sound was made by one small branch touching the Alfa. Craig broke it off.  He also agreed it was dew falling  because he was hit on the head by a large drop of water!

We went back down to the house for breakfast, coffee, and the Sunday paper.

Not all of our time is being spent on the Alfa. We worked together for several hours on a "house fixing project" before we went shopping for a new mattress!

This time it has been Craig's turn to do the research. 

 We looked at BedInABox.  We read some reviews that were both positive and negative, and were most concerned about a couple that mentioned "outgassing"  and "sleeping hot."  Both of us have trouble with "sleeping hot" and Craig is very sensitive to any chemical, plastic, or perfume. I have to be very careful about any cleaning product, and usually have to buy "fragrance free" whenever I can.  I read the return policy, and it requires waiting 60 days before sending it back.  Besides, I can't imagine getting it back into the box for return shipment!  So BedInABox was eliminated. If return is a possibility, I don't want to deal with it.

The shopping trip could be a post on its own, so I'll just say the hunt was successful and our new Serta Vera Wang will be delivered on Wednesday. It is foam, but it is a Latex foam top over a Soy base Foam inner core.  Wonderfully comfortable and no smell.

Craig wanted to go sleep up in the Alfa again tonight, but I said no.  Not until the new mattress is here.

I think he likes it.

Oh, and we also bought a PESTACATOR 2000 plus to put under the Alfa.  It broadcasts ultrasonic sound waves to discourage rodents.  There is an electrical outlet on our well up in the slab area.  I have a long "outdoor" extension cord that should reach the Alfa and I can put the Pestacator under her.  I have seen them before, but only much smaller ones.  
I think this might do the job and I won't have to deploy the moth balls.

We can take it on the road and plug it into one of the outside outlets on the Alfa.

I wage a constant battle with mice around here and the stories I've read make me aware that it can be an ongoing battle!  


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  2. Sorry about the deleted comment. :(

    If I was lucky enough to have one of those beauties parked in my driveway, I would sleep in it, too.

    Have a wonderful Monday. :)

  3. I'm sure glad it wasn't a mouse! Al (the pest control guy) says the main thing about mice is to keep them out in the first place. We didn't have any luck with all the home remedies, bounce, peppermint oil etc. Al went around the motor home underneath and in all the cabinets. He put steel wool in all the holes entering the motor home. There are lots of entrance places in rv's...you need to find them and seal them. We had a problem with them on the old mh, but none so far on this one. He needs to mouse proof this one soon too!

    You need to keep some ice cream in the frig for Craig if he gets the munchies overnight!

    I'm glad you found a nice mattress. It's so important to be comfy in your new home. We were concerned with the outgassing fumes on the Bedinabox, but we had none. Al is very sensitive to any type of odors and I was a bit worried about it. As far as the heat, we have a thick polyester mattress pad that we use and it's nice and cool.

    So why didn't you just have your breakfast and read the paper in the Alfa? You can plug into a regular outlet for the refrigerator (or use propane) just no air conditioner.

  4. I tell ya,right now I would kill for an RV to sleep in! Glad it's working out so far..you'll be happy when the mattress comes!

  5. glad to see you two getting to know your alfa...

  6. You'll have to let us know how that pestacator works out. :)

  7. We will all be waiting to hear how your new rodent machine works. So far we've been lucky - no mice. Bugs yes but mice. Glad you got a mattress that is comfy. Very, very important.

  8. your 'rodent remover' looks like an interesting product!..you will have to let us know if it actually works!..
    driveway camping?..gotta love it!!!

  9. We changed mattresses right away too. Went with the sleep comfort bed that we put a foam topper on (already had the topper). Now we sleep great. The ones that come with RVs are terrible.

  10. Congrats on your first night in the new rig!

  11. Oh, so that's what a Pestacator looks like. Now I know what that thing is that Kelly put under my bed awhile back telling me it was a sleep monitor.....Hmmmm, could she be telling me something....:))

  12. When do you plan on taking your first trip in your new home? A good mattress is very important for a good night's rest!

  13. There'll be all kinds of different and strange noises in your new home for a while. It takes a bit of getting used to.

  14. Ok I've seen your profile on a few other blogs I follow and finally made it over to check yours out. WOW! How exciting you got your new Alfa! I checked out your pics of the interior and I love the colors! I'm not a flamboyant person either so I definitely could live with it. Congrats! :)

    Looking forward to following you along...
    Cheers! ~Merri

  15. First night is wonderful, even if the mattress is hard and there are creaky noises! Yeah, stick that fridge with ice cream!

  16. First night is wonderful, even if the mattress is hard and there are creaky noises! Yeah, stick that fridge with ice cream!

  17. Well you have a new matress on the way that will help you.
    And using the pest thing is better than all those moth balls stinkin up the motor home. And squirrels will eat them and so will birds and die.
    Enjoy your adventures

  18. We have a couple of extra PESTACATOR 2000's we can let you have cheap. They run on kibble and Little Friskies, and emit a sound that terrifies mice. To you and me, it sounds like meow? but to mice it sounds like a painful death.



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