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Friday, September 30, 2011

New Bear

Not everything is about the Alfa.

I have continued working on my animal sculptures, and last week finished a new design.  I have always made bears, but was never quite satisfied with the design.

I think on this one I'm coming closer to what I want.

I still see a couple of modifications I will make in the next one, but for now I think of him as my "Better Bear."

I think he looks just a little bit worried and not as happy as I would like him to be.

My goal is to create a trophy head that will satisfy an adult, but also say "I'm not real and I'm not dead."

Tree trimming news: Craig has been playing telephone tag with our contact at the county.  We are now getting the message that he will be out of the office until next week.  Craig has emailed our Supervisor.  I can see how tree trimming can be a low priority these days with money being so tight, but the process has been frustrating.  I wish Craig would consider an off-site parking location.  

Have a good weekend everyone!  We will be working around the house.


  1. Your work is amazing. I think he looks intense. Good luck with the tree trimming. Hopefully, the government wheels will not turn too slowly!

  2. He looks good to me!!!

    Playing with city/county governments is always a pleasure... Hope you can get with someone and get a positive answer very soon so you can head out someplace!

  3. I love your bear. He says "friendly" to me. I like his hair. You have to keep on the folks about the tree. They'll attend to the squeaky wheel soon I am sure. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That is really a beary nice bear!

  5. I love the bear. They are my favorite I think.

  6. awe, I'm glad the bear is created by you & not a dead head!

  7. Great bear. The nose looks so real.

  8. Very nice work on the bear. Its is awesome. Hope the tree issue gets taken care of soon. Maybe a mid-night tree run..... :)

  9. Oh sweetie, I'd look a little forlorn if my head was hangin' on the wall. I think you did a spectacular job sweetie.

    Take it from a chick who collects bears.

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  10. WOW! You are a VERY talented crafter! I think some of us should call and complain about the branches. Are the neighbors complaining too? :-) Hope this gets resolved soon!

  11. Love the bear. Hopefully you can get the Alpha out for a trip soon. maybe Craig will agree to a short term offsite parking.

  12. Howdy Merikay,

    If you weren't on a dead-end road I'd say hire a drunk and have him knock the tree down and drag it off,
    but the county knows who wants it down, so that won't work!!! Get a pole-saw and trim the limbs enough so they won't hit the coach, since the trucks have already broken most of them off.. Of course you'll get in trouble with the un-
    American 'union', if you do...

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!

  13. nice work on the 'better bear'..and good luck with fighting with 'city hall'!!


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