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Monday, September 26, 2011

Out of Season!

To me, it's always summer in California.  Even in December and January when the weather is rainy and the overnight temperatures drop to under 50*.  I always surprises me that in fall many of the summer items disappear from the stores.

Today I went down to the Dollar Store to buy some of those foam swim noodles.  I think they would be great to have on hand to stuff into the front, or back, of a cabinet to keep things from shifting while moving.  

I've seen them everywhere all of the time!  I used to have several that I used for a felting class and for some other craft projects.

But do you think I could find any today?  No.   All summer I have seen a big display of them outside the door of the Dollar Store in Scott's Valley.  

Stopped by but they were gone.  I asked a clerk and was told they would have them again "in spring."

I also stopped at K mart and Walgreens.  "Summer merchandise."  Will come back in spring.

I'm sure I could find them somewhere, but I'm not willing to pay more than the $1.00 each Dollar Store price. 

I did look online, but they are about $4.00 there plus shipping!  No way.  I will keep my eyes open or wait till spring.  I've got plenty of other stuff I can  substitute if I need it.

Maybe I'll call around.  


  1. I've never needed anything like that in my cabinets anyway. Some people do use them to cover the edges of their slideouts though saving stitches to their heads! :)

  2. I don't use that for my cabinets either. Sure wish I would have had one last year when I cut my head open on the slide. But we still don't have any even on the slideout.

  3. I've only seen them on slides...don't need them in the cabinets -- not yet anyway!

  4. you know we sold all of ours in a garage sale (you might check there) and I wished I would have kept one... but we really don't need them at all

  5. Good luck on your noodle hunt. Seems some store should have them on clearance about now.

  6. We ordered spring loaded bars that go in front of things when the doors open up. Other than that, we're going to put that rubberized shelf liner to keep things from sliding around.

  7. happy noodle hunting!..you could always stuff pillows into the cabinets to stop the dishes and glasses from moving around!

  8. I buy mine by the case for the felting classes I teach and the kits I sell. I wonder if when you are in San Diego you might find some.

    BUT, we use the rubber shelf liner between our plates, bowls, etc. That seems to do the trick for us.

  9. Isn't that how it always goes. You see something everywhere, but when you want it, it's nowhere to be found!
    We've never had problems with stuff shifting around. I do have some of the non-skid shelf liner in some of the cabinets and put some of my extra kitchen towels between my pots and pans to keep them from banging against each other.
    Thanks for the heads up on the comments on my blog. I think I have it fixed, so please comment away. I was beginning to think I was boring everyone :)

  10. I'm with everyone else on the rubber shelving stuff. I put it in between by dishes and pots an pans.
    It is always the same when you need it its gone. It getting cold here in the mornings and evenings now why haven't they started selling sweats yet? Glad I brought some up to leave here.

  11. I could use a few of those noodles, I have banged my noodle enough times on the slide and I keep forgetting to buy them. Maybe the hits to the head are taking their toll? :)~

    I can't wait for you guys to go out on your first outing. Tell the county to hurry up with the trees already!


  12. I use those foam noodles on our slides to keep me from banging my head against the edge which can cause a nasty cut.

    We bought ours at a swimming pool supply store.

  13. We use non-slip stuff in our cupboards, but the cupboards are so full that nothing could slide around or rattle anyway! We also use spring-loaded bars across the cupboard so stuff doesn't fall out first time we open them after a driving day.

  14. You might find you don't need them. I used that self liner that won't slip and placed the same stuff between glass serving dishes. My plates were that Melamine type stuff...won't break. We have never had anything to break and the rattles are very few.

  15. There's plenty of things that you can use in cabinets. I use the noodle on the slides after I christened my bedroom slide with blood from my head.

  16. Ouch. After reading the comments, slides are lethal! Don't have any experience with them ;-) Sorry, I should have read back a little before I left my previous comment, didn't realize you could not find the noodles. But like all have said, get the non slip rubber shelf liner stuff. Works GREAT! You can find that at the Dollar General store!


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