Merikay and her son, Gil, at Death Valley National Park 2017

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Extra bed!

I am sitting here in my kitchen waiting for my daughter and her family to arrive from San Diego.

A cold front is coming thru, but a nice fire is laid and ready to light.

The maple trees are heavy with bright gold leaves that are fluttering down in large numbers.

We are changing the sleeping arrangements a bit this year.

Our daughter and her husband will be in our room, the two grandsons will sleep in one of the guest rooms and the Au Pair will be in the other. 

Craig and I will be in the Alfa. 

Our house just got one room bigger!

The feasting will begin tonight with homemade pizza. 


  1. Sounds like a good plan to me! Enjoy the company :-)

  2. It's so nice to have another home in your driveway! When we go to my Mom's at Christmas, it's an extra dining area since we park in her driveway. happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a nice Thanksgiving you will all have! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Will you warm a brick in the fireplace to put under the covers in the Alfa? Enjoy your family and the holiday!

  5. What fun! Enjoy your family!

  6. Have a great time Merikay!

    Happy THanksgiving,


  7. Happy Thanksgiving!!..and enjoy your day with your family!!

  8. Sounds like a GREAT T'giving. Enjoy & God bless!!

  9. Kind of like having your own little guest house!

  10. sounds like fun - family time and a sleepover adventure! Happy Thanksgiving.


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