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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surge Protector Installed

We decided on a hard wired Surge Guard rather than a portable one.  It is now installed. Hopefully it will work!


  1. Haha, I like the graphics on the protector! I think a hard wired one is a good idea, this is worth the investment! And it's one of the first things any new rver should invest in. Mine saved my a/c this summer. If it weren't for it, my a/c would have fried! I have the plug in kind, at least with the hard wired one, you are not likely to leave it behind at a campground! ;-)

  2. You will not regret this purchase. I can guarantee that.

  3. the graphics on the box say it all!!!..great purchase!!

  4. Good move! If you don't already have one, a nice companion to your new purchase is a digital voltage monitor like this one..


    It plugs into any outlet inside and allows you to keep an eye on the voltage from inside. We use ours (though I must confess we have a cheaper analog model) to keep an eye on low voltage. The Surge Guard trips at 103V, which is good protection for AC, etc. But, our microwave will start whining at about 107V. (We try to shut it off before it gets there.)

    Just a bit of extra "protection" worth considering.

  5. That's a great purchase! Along with the new wash machine. Does it have the new lock lid when you push start? Oh how I hate that!! Seems to be the new rage that we didn't ask for.

    Love the lights video too cool. I introduced my daughter to that movie (Edward Sissorhands) when she was a young girl and that's when her infatuation of Johnny Depp started, LOL! That was her Christmas Ornament this year...from Pirate of the Caribbean movie.

    Cheers! ~M

  6. Looks like a good choice. Have a great week.

  7. Hi Merikay! You've had an eventful few days! I hope that surge guard thing prevents more damage. Then electrical stuff is over my head! I'm going to have to ask John what we have set up. I love that baboon head! Great colors and fur! Anyway...life is good huh? Now we're on to Christmas!

  8. You will be pleased!! It will pay for itself many times over!

    Love your pic!


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