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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pnnacles National Monument: The Movie

I'm learning to use our video camera.

I am also learning to use iMovie at weekly "personal projects" sessions at the Apple store.

On our hike at the Pinnacles I shot a lot of video, and I am learning to edit and keep them short.

I am making a DVD with shorts for each of our adventures.  This is the second one. I did most of the editing on the Sunday of the trip when it was raining.  It was a very pleasant place to work on it.

 I know some of you can't watch videos, because you are on the road, but by posting here I can share them with my family.

The video is just under three minutes.


  1. Really liked the video! that was one scary looking tree at the beginning!

  2. nice work on the video!!..watched it to the very end!..too bad the day ended with rain!!

  3. I loved the video, great job. I definitely think you are getting the hang of iMovie.

  4. Very nice job! You're such an artist and it comes out in your videos!

  5. You go Marikay, Music and everthing. I need to get a digital camera to so I can record the great grands and start videos of my travels too.
    I loved the od tree.

  6. Great video - that will be a great momento of your trip!

  7. Impressive and imaginative video Merikay! Woohoo!! You're a movie maker!

  8. Congratulations on everything! RVing for real! Making movies! and Happy Birthday!

  9. Love the video, you are getting good at this :-) Funny thing, at first, I thought, wow, that would be a hard tree to climb. Guess the kid in me came out.


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