Sundog, Lake Marie Oregon 2018

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Goodbye Pismo

I know it's only a seagull, but I love how very white they are!

Today was a much more relaxed day. Carol, Craig and I took a leasurely walk through part of Pismo Beach and out onto the pier. Dave didn't feel well and stayed back.

We enjoyed watching the surfers catch the waves:

Later in the day Carol and I went for a nice drive around town, and then to the pool for a late afternoon soak.  We shared a nice afternoon of "girl" talk.  Meeting other bloggers in person is a very special part of this whole life style.  Carol and I agree that reading each other's blogs will be even better in the future because we have met. 
Carol and Merikay at the entrance of the Pismo Coast Village RV park.

I noted when sunset was, and just before it did Craig and I walked to the beach overlook.

It was a good week, but alas we have to return to Camp Driveway tomorrow.

Craig has a dentist appointment in the afternoon and I will be getting my eyes checked early next week. 

But we will be free soon!


  1. Your pictures are just fabulous, Merikay! Well, except for maybe the one showing off my "wild" hair. ;-) I'm sorry that you have to leave tomorrow!

  2. Nice sunset picture, Merikay, and I really like the one with the ducks. Happy that you finally met Carol and Dave. It's always fun to visit with them, especially in Pismo Beach. They are fun to visit with when they're home, but it's a little wet up there right now. Here, too!

  3. Wow, Merikay, those pictures are outstanding. The sunset looks like a painting. Glad you enjoyed your time at Pismo Beach and got to spend time with Dave and Carol. Travel safe.

  4. Loved your pictures Merikay. I hope you got to see the pelican. And I'm glad you got to spend time with Carol and David.

  5. If tomorrow is as windy as this afternoon, be careful. We had gusts up to 19 mph here about 6 miles away.

  6. We too have enjoyed our meet ups with other bloggers. So glad you got to get out for a nice week, loved the sunset picture. Safe travels to camp driveway.

  7. That sunset is gorgeous! Glad you got to meet some more full timers in person!

  8. Nothing like meeting up with fellow bloggers.

  9. Yes, that sunset picture is amazing!

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous sunset shot!

    I've found that once I've met another RV blogger, I eagerly look for their new posts. It really makes it more personal.

    I'm coming back later to see the rest of the photos - only the sunset one came up. My connection right now is slow, but the other commenters sure are giving them kudos. :)

  11. It looks as if I caught your departure and now your exit from P. B. So happy that you had a good time.

  12. I have a few photos I took at the Royal Welsh Yatch Club with a seagul hovering about a foot above her nest. I was probably 2-3 feet away from her. Anyone can go into the pub there but for some reason the bartender took a liking to myself and my husband and took us up on the wall of the castle above the pub.

    Not sure if the photo or the honor of being taken up there was the highlight of the day.

  13. Great photos, love the white on the gull.


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