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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Model Train Show

We woke to a rainy Sunday morning. Yesterday Craig had read there was going to be a model train show at the Santa Clara Convention Center, so after breakfast we decided to go take a look.  Craig had trains as a kid, and I am always interested in seeing the devoted handiwork of crafty people.

Picture say it better than words.

This engine was blowing smoke as it chugged along.  Its caretaker complained that it used too much smoke-liquid...  

A busy switching yard

This little loop was the smallest train at the show. The houses look like Monopoly pieces. The train rails were about 1/8" apart, and the train actually went around the track.  A model train layout within a model train layout!

Notice the detail on the side of this old covered bridge and the moss growing on the roof 

We think that most of the scenes represented real places and buildings

This one didn't: a cow being abducted by aliens!

Some of the setups were very complex. This is a small part of one that included Hobos cooking around a burning fire (one LED) and a police car checking out an accident scene.

Model RVs on a model train.  They look like gasser Class A's.

We weren't there for very long, but it was a nice outing for a rainy day.  

The new 49er stadium is being built just across from the convention center.  Craig couldn't resist taking a few shots of it.  

The 49ers will play their 2014 home games in Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

The 49ers and Santa Clara want it to be the most energy-efficient sports complex in the world.
The area of these solar panels may be comparable to the area of the football field behind it!


  1. Wow.. such detail! I liked the tiny model train within a model train setup. How original!

    The cow being sucked up the UFO is from a movie, isnt' it?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Those model train setups are just wonderful. I love the cow. That's neat that they are going to be using solar on the new stadium.

  3. John had a huge, huge set up and made all his scenery and cars. We or he would travel as far as Colorado for photos and to see trains.

    That monopoly type one he says is a "class Z" too tiny for him, he said. His was HO class.

    When we began to clear out our antiques and collections, the railroad stuff had to go. I thought he would cry. It represented many years of work and research

  4. Very cool--amazing attention to detail! It must take many hours to accomplish all this. I love the builder's sense of humor too--cows being abducted by aliens! Too cute!

  5. That's a hobby for someone with steady hands! Good photos.

  6. Looks like a great model train show, love the detail.


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