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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pismo Beach day one

On Monday, at a rest stop on US 101, we spotted one of these guys:

picture from the WEB

A yellow-billed Magpie. They are a smaller relative of the black-billed Magpie found in much of the Northwest. We have seen them before, but because I wanted to mention it in my blog post, I took the time to look him up in my Audubon Field Guide.  I was surprised to see what a small range they have, and am now pleased to have seen and identified one.  He sure was a pretty "crow".

We pulled into Pismo Beach Village RV park about 3:30 Monday.  After getting settled in we walked across the grass between the rows of RVs and met CarolK and Dave, anytime RVers and fellow bloggers.  

Travel, even if short and uneventful, can be a little tiring, so after a nice chat we returned to the Alfa for supper with a date to meet up Tuesday for dinner.

The ducks in my new header picture are a pair that seem to consider our site at the Pismo Coast Village home.  They are quite tame, and quite fat!

On Tuesday, Craig and I went for a walk at the Oso Flaco NVRA.
That is a National Vehicle Recerational Area, or a place to play with your dune buggies.  Fortunately it was a weekday and there were none about.

The walk started with this serene road through the trees.

Then onto a boardwalk across an inland waterway.  There were a few ducks and pelicans about but not many people. Love midweek!

We walked a mile or so into the dunes where the ATVs come to play.  Then we realized that the fenced area was too big to walk around, so we walked back.

Sand shark!

We retraced our steps back to the boardwalk and chose the path to the beach. 

The Pacific looked as good as ever...

In total we walked about five miles and felt quite good.

We came back to the RV park, I went for a swim, and later we went out for a fish fry with Carol and Dave. The food was really good and the company was great.

A wonderful day!

I'm adding the ducks' picture here, for when I change the header in the future. They sorta remind me of us! Just hanging out in an RV park mid-week.


  1. Happy to see you enjoying the Pismo Beach area. Always nice to meet up with Dave and Carol, especially when they're at Pismo Beach. Nice walk you had there today. Love that sand shark, Merikay! Tell Craig that those are probably Oregon Ducks there, because they look exactly like the ones we saw today in Eugene. HAHAHA

  2. Those are great pictures, Merikay! Sand shark indeed--I like your sense of humor. We are enjoying getting to know you and Craig. Thanks for sharing those yummy appetizers with us!

  3. Russ, I almost threw some words in about Oregon Ducks, but these looked so happy and content. Either they're some other kind, or they're not football fans, considering last season :-)


  4. What a terrific day .... You are so right mid-week is like " we own this place " ..... Keep having fun !!!

  5. Great pictures Merikay - sure makes me wish I was there. I like the photo of Craig walking through the sand dunes. Say hi to Dave and Carol for us.

  6. I used to spend summer weeks during my high school years in Pismo. My grandparents lived there, up on the hill. Have fond memories of Pismo! Hoping to stay there for awhile next winter. Love the Pacific!

  7. Nice to see photos of the Pacific and Pismo. Much as we love our Florida and Gulf travels, both Mo and I said yesterday that we are missing our home ocean.

  8. We don't usually do much on the weekends, weekdays when we generally have places to ourselves. Great duck picture, enjoy the rest of your time there.

  9. One of the greatest perks about being retired is being able to visit places during the week when it's so much nicer. That sand shark is wonderful - you are so clever to see it. I would see a fence covered with sand.

  10. So glad you got to meet up with Carol and Dave! Great People. Enjoy your time at Pismo Beach

  11. I think that with 5 miles on your pedometer you were somewhat more active than the ducks! That is hardly just lazing around :-)


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