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Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Sailing tour of Frenchman Bay

On Monday, as we sat waiting for the fireworks over Frenchman Bay, we saw a four masted schooner. It docked within walking distance of where we were, and Craig went down to take a look.

It turned out that it was a tour boat, and he picked up information about going out on it. As mentioned in my last post, we tried on Tuesday, and postponed due to fog. 

When we arrived at the harbor an hour or so before Wednesday afternoon's sailing time, the sky was clear and sunny and there was no fog around the islands, so we bought our tickets.

While waiting to board, we watched the crew adjusting the rigging.

There was a ranger on our tour who gave us information about the bay and the islands we passed. Unfortunately we did not see any wildlife.

We motored away from the dock, and once underway the big red sails were raised. Then the motor was turned off and we enjoyed the quiet of wind power.

We got a much closer look at the islands, and at the buildings back on the shore.

Almost all of the passengers looked happy

Although jackets were called for, the weather was quite nice. A bit cool, a bit windy, but the ride was very smooth.

After the sail, we stopped at one of the many lobster pounds and bought yummy lobster rolls to take home for dinner. That makes three lobster meals in a week.

Rough life!


  1. I love sailing. The sound of the wind in the sails and the chop of the water against the hull brings me back to my teenage years when my parents owned a sailboat.

    Lobster 3 times! Eat one more for me ;-)

  2. I've always wanted to go sailing. As a kid I dreamed of working on a ship. I guess Lobster is a basic food in Maine :).

  3. Gotta love the fresh lobster, and the tour sounds wonderful.

  4. Now I'm envious about the lobster! I think I would have enjoyed that sail too.


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