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Monday, July 11, 2016

Dither, Dither, Making decisions for the rest of the summer

We have started making plans for the rest of the summer. We are going to head north to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, after we leave here. 

The big question is: "Should we go to Newfoundland?" 

I have been looking at the ferry rates between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. OUCH!  About $1454 to take the long ferry one way and the short ferry the other, or only $1106 if we take the shorter route both ways. This would include the car, passenger fares, and a cabin to sleep in on the longer, overnight, route. 

I'm trying to get my penny-pinching mind around it. Although the more I think about it, the less painful it seems.  First I assume these numbers are in Canadian. Using the exchange rate of $1 USD = $.80 CN  brings it down to: $1163 USD for the longer + shorter route,  or $884 USD for the shorter route round trip. That's still a lot, but if you compare it to airfare for two and car rental, it's a bargain. If I balance the amount we save on hotels and meals, it looks even better.

Oh my, what have I done? It looks like I am well on my way to spending some time in Newfoundland!

BUT ... We have some days to enjoy in New Brunswick,  Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia before I have to make the final decision.

Have you ever been to Newfoundland, or to Nova Scotia or to Prince Edward Island?  Do you have any must-see recommendations for us?

Now for a wrap-up of our time at Arcadia National park:

On one of our days, we took the loop road around the park and stopped at the overlooks and other highlights. 

We enjoyed an informative stroll through the Wild Garden that was near the Nature Center. We always appreciate the many benches available for a brief rest. The mountain-laurel flowers were enchanting. So delicate! I also thought the water striders looked a bit like drones!

Sand Beach was a bit of a surprise. Duh! It shouldn't have been, given its name, but to find such a sandy place tucked in a small bay along the rocky coast was unexpected.

And, of course, we feasted on the eye candy provided by view after view of pristine rocky coastline.

I do not buy or collect souvenirs other than the many pictures we take. But we found the perfect keepsake for me at one of the park gift shops: A National Parks Coloring Book. 

I am looking forward to many happy hours coloring the pictures of the parks we have visited, or plan to visit. 

I may post a few in the future.

Off to our next adventure!

Note: I'm not sure what kind of internet connections I will have during the next six weeks. Craig is going to look into getting a Canadian phone account, but I will try to post occasionally, even if it is from a Tim Horton's coffee shop!


  1. One day, we'll have RV's which can double as yachts! Just drive the Alfa into the water and sail away!

  2. Our month or so in Newfoundland was one of our very most memorable times RVing. The folks there are so friendly and I cannot think of one negative thing about our time there. If you go to Newfoundland you could also take the ferry on to Labrador then come back through the Gaspe Pennisula back through Canada. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be the best for you.

  3. So much to see and do I am sure you will love it all. I have toured all of the NB. NS and PEI 8 times but never yet to New Found land. That will a be a trip all by itself for us. Of course the standard things Cabot Trail , Peggy's cove, Hopewell Rocks. the beaches on PEI and the harbours and friendly people. So much to see enjoy your summer there I am sure it will be wonderful, looking forward to many photos.

  4. We loved Acadia NP, but didn't go further. Have fun!

  5. many people devote a whole summer to Newfoundland! It is apparently wonderful.


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