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Friday, July 1, 2016

Trump in Bangor

[From Craig]  Tuesday when we got to Bangor Maine, it just seemed like karma.  The day before, Donald Trump's campaign had announced a rally in Bangor.  While Merikay and I are not Trump fans, it just seemed fated, so I decided to go to the rally.  

I went to their web site and read the various rules and restrictions.  No SLR cameras?  Today we heard that Trump has been hit by thrown lenses.  Applying for tickets to a free event?  No ever asked for the tickets, so that was just a way to capture phone numbers and email addresses.  Max 2 tickets?  Like many sites using new "checkout" routines, they delivered 4.

At first Merikay didn't want to go, but after hearing me babble on about how interesting it would be, she came along.

The rally was held at an auditorium in Bangor where the University of Maine plays its home basketball games.  Driving up to it, we saw some protestors who seemed to be in a good mood.

Cross Insurance Center has 5800 permanent seats but holds 8500 for stage events.  Not knowing the layout, we ended up at the opposite end from the podium.  There were quite a few empty seats at our end, full sections at the stage end.  Mr. Trump went on about how full the place was and how people had to be turned away, which matches what some people say about his truthfulness.  (A local source, either the newspaper or the police, estimated 4000.)

I must say that Donald Trump has a fine voice to listen to.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on his pronunciation and delivery style, and he's really a good speaker.  I was mentally comparing his style to Elizabeth Warren's and concluded that he came up short in intensity and conviction.  Of course, being 500 feet away is a big disadvantage for such things, compared to the "up close and personal" perspective of TV coverage.

The vast majority of folks in the crowd were rabid Trump fans.  They responded enthusiastically when Donald used key phrases like "build a wall", "make better deals for America", and "crooked Hillary".  But he never whipped them into anything close to a frenzy, as I had hoped to see.  In fact, when he started to deliver phrases like "section 2502 of NAFTA", some of them started to leave.  Maybe they were there seeking excitement too.

He never said the word "Moslem", signifying a shift in subject matter.

In 71 years I had never attended a presidential campaign speech or rally.  Can't say it was on my bucket list, but it was interesting for a Wednesday afternoon.

[From Merikay] I found his speech rambling and disorganized. Much of it was the same old stump speech he has given many times. You could easily tell when he fell into that mode. When he diverted to his own thoughts, it was much like listening to the guy next to you at the coffee shop or bar. Familiar, but would you want that guy to be president?

When I go in for surgery I want an experienced doctor, not a first timer. 

When I ride in an airplane I want a pilot who has many hours in the air and is willing to listen to what the air traffic controllers have to tell him, not someone who is his own advisor. 

Trump builds his hotels and golf courses for the ultra rich. The middle class will never be able to afford them. We can't afford to have him as our leader either.

I think we are all going to have to hold our noses and choose the candidate we think will do the least amount of damage to our country and to the world.

Good luck USA!


  1. Best political bumper sticker... "2016 We're screwed!"

  2. Sounds like an interesting afternoon.


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