Sundog, Lake Marie Oregon 2018

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fog over Frenchman Bay, and Sunset from Cadillac Mountain

It was our intent to take a boat tour of the harbor on Tuesday afternoon. (Not on either of the boats shown below.) 

But, when we got to the harbor we saw fog over the water. 

We stayed down at the harbor area for an hour or so, waiting to see if the fog would burn off.

During that time we took a nice walk along a path that bordered the shoreline. The primary planting along it were old fashioned, wild roses. Craig enjoyed watching the bees rolling around in the blossoms collecting pollen. 

The fog did not clear, so we decided to go up to the Cadillac Mountain overlook, which is the highest point in the park and has fantastic views. After waiting our turn to park, we walked around feasting our eyes on the distant views.

The views were amazing! Since the clouds and the creeping fog promised a possibility of a great sunset, we decided to go back to the rig for a while and return for the sunset hour.

As the sun began to tinge the sky with hints of color, the fog banks over the harbor crept around and partially covered the islands.

Every sunset is different. Every moment there are subtle changes in light. Craig and I went in opposite directions on the summit with our cameras in hand. Other bloggers will understand how difficult it is to judge your own pictures and choose which one to post. I try not to overload my posts. So here are just a few of the images that we captured Tuesday night:



  1. So nice to have time to explore Cadillac Mountain. We were only there on a cruise day. Hoping to spend a long time in Maine on our future Maritime Provinces trip waiting in the wings.

  2. that last one is my favorite! :-) Love, love, LOVE Bar Harbor...bet your temps are nice! :-) Suffering here in Sarasota/Bradenton...Sigh....

  3. lovely sunset, the fog enhanced the view. Hard to pick a favorite photo.

  4. Love all your sunset pictures. And Exploring Bar Harbor, there is just something about it there.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I hope to make it up there in about 10 days. I had new tires installed today and on the way home my engine temp went up. I am waiting for a tow and then a diagnosis on Monday. Hopefully we get leave Florida on Monday or Tuesday.

  6. Pictures are tough to choose but sunsets are the toughest to pick.


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